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In Seattle, Capitol Hill residents worry about climb in hate crimes, harassment

SEATTLE, Washington — Is it safe for the LGBTQ community in Capitol Hill? That was the question discussed at a forum on hate crimes Tuesday night. Community and city leaders say something needs to be done to stop an alarming trend.

Doug Hamilton has lived in Capitol Hill for more 20 years. He’d always felt it was a safe neighborhood until one night in July 2013.

“This guy bursts out of that door over there and just started taunting us. He said, ‘Are you gay, are you bisexual, are you queer?’”

Doug says at first that he and his friends were in shock.

“We thought maybe we can reason with him, which was a huge mistake. You just can’t reason with the irrational.”

The taunting escalated and the man punched Doug, knocking him to the ground.

“I got a massive concussion, I was in bed for three weeks recovering.”

Doug’s not the only person targeted by hate in Capitol Hill.

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