Further details for ‘San Diego Women’s March’ on Jan. 21

[This article has been updated as of Jan. 19, 2017]

The San Diego Women’s March is being held in conjunction with The Women’s March on Washington on January, 21, 2017 at 10 am.

This San Diego assembly will contain women, men and children from “all backgrounds, ethnicities, abilities, religions, orientations and political affiliations.”

Organizers say this is a peaceful event which takes place the day after the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States. The march is in response to negative attitudes toward the marginalization of women and minorities during the last election cycle.

“This is not a protest. The Women’s March is a celebration of human rights,” organizers say on their website. 

“We, San Diego Women’s March, are peacefully marching in San Diego in solidarity with the Women’s March in DC. We are dedicated to a free and open society.Together we stand united in our respect for all people and we resist the marginalization of anyone. As a diverse, inclusive community of compassionate people, we seek to strengthen and continue our commitment to work for the protection of women’s rights. We stand firm in agreement that women’s rights are human rights.”

This event is free, and open for everyone to attend. 

According to the San Diego Women’s March website, people will gather at  Civic Center Plaza; 1200 Third Avenue, at 10 am, on Saturday, January 21.

Marchers will then proceed on Broadway to Harbor Drive.

The march will end in front of the County Administration Building, on the Harbor Drive side.

All details, including registration for the San Diego Women’s March can be found by clicking HERE

You can also follow them on Facebook by clicking HERE.

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