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New rescue pulls dogs out of overcrowded shelters for adoption



With a large area for the critters to run and play with others, “The Rescued Pup” in Ramona is a place where families can visit and match up with the perfect pet.

“Usually the dog picks the owner when they come in,” Executive Director Michelle Robertson-Clark told NBC. “They just kind of fall in love. I never have to do any convincing.” 

Beginning this year puppies and kittens for sale in pet stores must come from shelters or animal rescues. 

California is the first state to implement this ban on puppy mills. 

The Rescued Pup brings in their adoptable pets during the daytime hours then foster families take them home at night. 

Sometimes the potential pets are having a hard time being placed in families too for whatever reason so the rescues make a call. 

“Shelters reach out and say, ‘I’ve got a doozy here,'” said Clark. “My toughest one, a shelter wouldn’t even touch, was a four-pound chihuahua. They said he was too vicious. And now he lives with a wonderful family in Fallbrook.”

Pet stores are not as prevalent as they once were in retail spaces. In San Diego, there is still Broadway Puppies with locations in Escondido and National City. 

That store will no longer be allowed to sell puppies or kittens that don’t come from shelters under the new law even though they say they use only licensed breeders.

The Rescued Pup explains on their website, “We are a volunteer-run rescue that relies on donations to survive. All donations go to the care and feeding of our rescue dogs.”

To find out more information on The Rescued Pup click HERE

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