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Dove Cameron Discusses Colorado LGBTQ Club Shooting In AMA Speech



Dove Cameron Discusses Colorado LGBTQ Club Shooting In AMA Speech

In a recent spate of events, a tragedy seems to have shaken everyone in Colorado. The shooting spree that occurred shortly at Club Q fetches attention to another raging topic today. It is that of queer acceptance.

The Star Performer attended the 2022 American Music Awards, to accept her New Artist of the Year Award. Additionally, she took the opportunity to bring up one of the topics that are up for debate in all circles. All fingers point towards LGBTQ acceptance.

Dove Cameron Dedicates Her Win To LGBTQ

The shooting spree occurred at an LGBTQ club, which is located in Colorado. Cameron mentioned the shooting spree that killed five to be disheartening. She also dedicated her award to minorities like the LGBTQ community to give them some love.

Dove Cameron Discusses Colorado LGBTQ Club Shooting In AMA Speech

According to the star performer, she has received a lot of encouragement from the community to write songs of a specific genre. Dove Cameron feels that her career would not be where it is right now without the sheer contribution such people made.

The singer has a recent album to her credit, which is titled ‘Boyfriend’. She also wants to direct attention towards congregations like GLAAD, as well as the Trevor Project.

She feels that every mindset should get acceptance in society. Firstly, it is the free will of the incumbent and that of God. As per news sources, twenty-five people were badly injured and five gunned down in the recent shooting spree at Club Q.

It has been termed a hate attack of sorts. Cameron delivers the speech whilst showing a lot of care for the so-called ‘queer community’ comprising LGBTQ members.

Cameron Took The Award For Her Latest Gig

Cameron is one of the top singers in the new-age genre, to have won the prestigious Best New Artist at the 2022 AMAs. She has thanked one and all who have supported her in writing her queer song. It is one of the most trending radio hits in recent times.

After receiving the award and delivering the speech, she performed the same in black baggy pants and a red bustier. She sang her song addressing it to one of the female dancers in her troupe. She also caressed and cajoled the dancer’s face and also took her jacket off, and hung it on the dancer’s shoulders.

She expressed gratitude to one and all who supported her queer character as well. Dove Cameron also went on to say that the song is connected to her life and identity. Moreover, the singer highlighted her sexuality in the process, which gave clear signals of her being a part of the community that many people found ‘queer’.

Dove Cameron said, that she is at a juncture in life when she can come out with her true colors. The best part about her speech is the open acceptance that all LGBTQ community people are talented and need some support. The masses might target such people, making them hide behind a mask. However, that seems to be detrimental to society’s progress as a whole.

The album called ‘Boyfriend’ has brought her into the limelight again after a sabbatical. After that, she released quite a few singles like ‘breakfast’ and ‘Bad idea’.

Dove Cameron was not the only star at the AMAs who highlighted the importance of educating society about LGBTQ rights. Wayne Brady, who hosted the evening, also paid tribute to the victims and their families at the end of the show.

Pop stars have a huge fan following among the gay masses, so this reaction is expected and was simply worth it! The senseless and horrible gun violence that takes place every now and then in the USA, is something that needs to stop, according to most stars who took the stage at the AMAs.

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