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“Lured Into The Bushes”: Inquiry Reveals Police Ensnared Gay Males



Lured Into The Bushes Inquiry Reveals Police Ensnared Gay Males

Recently, Ülo Klemmer has hit the internet sharing a striking incident he faced while working as an outreach worker at gay beats in New South Wales, Sydney, for five long years. He played a major role at the AIDS Council of NSW (ACON) in 1988. 

Klemmer recalled what happened to him during his journey with ACON. He remembered how the police officials, who were looking good, allegedly tried to entrap him. Klemmer shared that the day was a very usual one. “ I got ready early for the job I had with ACON.

That time, I was having the ACON car that I used to drive and went out for my duties. I just got around to a beat to investigate and explore. At that time, I found two good-looking young men.

They rushed to me and tried to entice me into the bushes. I resisted their activities to be safe. At that time, I came to know that they were not good at work.”

Lured Into The Bushes Inquiry Reveals Police Ensnared Gay Males

Klemmer said that the men approached him as he was sitting in the ACON-marked car and asked in detail about what he was doing. After that, he was taken to the police station, where a group of policemen questioned him about the same.

There he found the police force and their head who were really angry at him. Ülo did not even know what he was doing which took him into this situation. He stood still after seeing the way they behaved.

Klemmer shared his words that the police station head seemed to be angry, and he said that Klemmer disturbed the police operation they were planning to execute. He recalls that when he stood at the police station, it was all a matter of a sense of humor and nothing more.

Ülo Klemmer opened up in NSW inquiry about the hate crimes against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and others. He also said that with the police harassment and arrests of gay men the police force planned to put a big full stop to beats that drove gay men.

The way they approach this will be by collecting the details of the name, address, and other basic information. They even say that the service will be there 24×7 to be in contact whenever needed. But Klemmer seems to stay against this as this way is a clear route of a psychological bit of harassment. This will be nonsense if the person is innocent and was actually doing nothing to be questioned. 

Police harassment made many outreach workers put their complete effort out of the vein by making it difficult for them to share vital safe sex and HIV prevention information. Recent reports show that young private detectives are employed to act in this field to support police officials by working as agent provocateurs. 

Witnesses have already shared the doings of the police that they brought to light about the accounts of police indifference who violently attacked gay men in the late 1970s and 80s. The witness named  Les Peterkin shared that an undercover police officer allegedly arrested him at a north Sydney beat in the year 1956. 

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The increased witness reports indicate that the witnesses are urged to share valuable information on gay hate crimes. The Investigators support people to be at the front line in the inquiry with information on any unsolved suspected gay hate deaths.

The hearing is currently going on and it reflects myriad cases beyond the authority’s expectations. The next round of inquiries will start on December 5, 2022, which includes the responses from the police officials to the suspected hate violence. 

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