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Firefighters Battling A Four-Alarm Fire At Seaport Marine



Firefighters Battling A Four-Alarm Fire At Seaport Marine

It was only last Sunday evening that the biggest fire broke out at the Seaport Marine in Connecticut. The 4 alarms started ringing all of a sudden there, raising the attention of authorities.

It was almost 8:45 pm when the premises of the port caught fire. The fire was grave enough to spread to the remaining parts, and within 3 hours, the entire Washington Street of the famous English Town was consumed. 

Due to the collective efforts of the authorities, the fire was somehow controlled till 12:30 am. However, sufficient damage had already been done by then. It was not easy to control the fire in the first place.

Around 10 teams from nearby places were called on the spot by the rescue departments. The Marine Seaport has been damaged to a great extent now. The surrounding area has also been affected to a great extent now. The rescue mission is underway and is expected to bear results soon. 

What Exactly Happened? 

All the people living near the port experienced loud explosions one by one and were startled to witness a huge fire breaking across the other side of the river. Residents also reported that the whole area was engulfed in flames. 

Firefighters Battling A Four-Alarm Fire At Seaport Marine

Videos were posted on social media platforms to attract the attention of the authorities so that a remedial measure could be taken as soon as possible. The weather conditions of the area that persisted, for the time being, were also responsible for aggravating the fire.

The fire Brigade reached the spot and made every possible attempt to control the same. The residents nearby were forced to evacuate the premises of their residences and ports so that further damage to life can be prevented. 

 Loss Reported

Needless to say, the fire was a massive outbreak and the loss reported around the area is beyond measure. The ports and the buildings nearby the port have been completely consumed by the fire, and hollow remains continue to haunt the affected area.

In fact, the presence of oil refineries nearby also able to increase the risk of damage. The fire flames were pretty high to get noticed even at a distance. 

The situation was very grave, to begin with. All the boats and the vessels that were Parked near the port had to be removed so that the appropriate measure could be affected.

All the people are safe for the time being, and no loss of lives has been reported for the time being. However, the property, including the nearby buildings are damaged, and the government is already looking forward to ways to compensate for the same. 

The smoke of the fire still persists, and people who suffer from respiratory problems are advised not to visit that area.

The authorities are working to get the destruction cleared off, and at the same time, they have expressed their intention in a recent interview that something concrete would be done by them for the Re-development of the port. 

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Such disasters are definitely responsible for leaving a great impact on the country as a whole. What may be of relevance is to determine the ways through which risks of a such kind must be mitigated.

This is definitely in the better interest of the country as a whole because the lives of the people have to be protected at every cost.

All of the measures that are deemed necessary for this purpose should be taken at once, and they should be employed at the earliest so that the benefits follow. 

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