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DHS Adds LGBTQ Community To List Of Potential Terror Targets



DHS Adds LGBTQ Community To List Of Potential Terror Targets

The department of homeland security on Wednesday announced news related to the potential threats to the LGBTQ community.

The increasing attacks against the LGBTQ community raise concerns about their protection. A senior DHS official said in a briefing about a new terrorism  Advisory system bulletin, the increasing crimes against the community possess persistent and fatal threats.

The DHS has issued a warning about domestic terror threats to the LGBTQ Community

The bulletin was released after the following incidents that happened after a mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub. The bulletin has given the alert that lone actors and small groups are inspired by violent ideologies. They are targeting mass gatherings and religious services, schools that create public gatherings.

The DHS has issued a warning about domestic terror threats to the LGBTQ Community

The mass shooting that happened in an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado clearly shows the bad signs that might happen in the coming days. The United States hasn’t recovered yet from this recent tragedy. Several recent attacks highlighted the risk of the lives of people in the LGBTQ community. 

The bulletin hints that we can expect a threat environment that could be exploited against a range of possible targets in the coming months. The terrorists have invoked personal grievances, reactions to current events, and extremist violent ideologies to mobilize such kind of violence. The bulletin said that threat actors could destroy the upcoming events including midterm elections and the holiday seasons to commit violence against the LGBTQ community. 

The bulletin commemorates the incident that happened in Colorado springs. The gunman entered the LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs and opened fire against the people inside the club. 5 people were killed and 25 others were injured during the mass shooting. This incident specifically cited potential inspiration for future attacks. The police suspects are the killers behind the violence who were racially or ethnically motivated by violent extremist content.

The bulletin also highlighted the threat to religious-based communities including Jewish the Jewish community. The threat found by an arrest happened earlier this month. The arrested person shared a manifesto calling for the attacks on synagogues to hint at the threat to faith-based communities.

The previous bulletins have also warned of the threats to racial and religious minorities. DHS had also informed about the politically motivated violence in the wake of the Jan.6 insurrection.

The recent attacks against minority communities, houses of worship, and schools demonstrated the complex nature of the threat facing people in the United States. In response to that, The President, Joe Biden also warned about raising hate and violence against the LGBTQ community in regard to the issues happening against the communities across the world.  Political hate speech is the weapon of attackers and is fueling a rise in the attack against LGBTQ, Jewish, and migrant communities.

The department of homeland security keeps Americans safe, in working with the government, the private sector, and in local communities. The Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning and also added resources for the safety of people.   

  • Stay alert and aware of the surroundings that may risk your life
  • Use online platforms and maintain digital platforms for accurate information. Some content may mislead you. Try to recognize what is good for you.
  • Whenever in doubt regarding your protection, review the resources of DHS for better safety in public gatherings.
  • Community-based resources work against violence and terrorism. Try to learn more about its mission.
  • If you come across any threats of terrorism report them to local law enforcement. 
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