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A Michigan Church Sues The State For Newly Added LGBTQ Civil Rights



A Michigan Church Sues The State For Newly Added LGBTQ Civil Rights

It was in the month of July 2023 that the supreme court of Michigan decided to add additional protections for preventing discrimination on the ground of gender identity and sexual orientation. Sufficient amendments have been made to the Larsen Civil Rights Act.

All Businessmen and companies are strictly prohibited from discriminating against any employee on this basis. In order to secure compliance with these laws, safeguards have also been added. Penalties would be imposed upon all the people who violate the mandate of the law. 

However, the same law has become the boon of contention between the Saint Joseph Catholic Church and the government. The former advocates that the law seeks to punish the Church simply because it follows its religious belief and not the rule of law. The Church is responsible for feeding 900 families and also provides educational facilities.

It cannot provide education to the people belonging to the LGBTQ community. That is why they are left on a much more vulnerable stage as any state action can be taken against them. The policy of the government is not in consonance with the belief that has been followed by the organization for a period of 2000 years and more. 

What Is The Reason?

The Catholic School of Education only supports and upholds its own tenets. It cannot endorse the teachings of any other country or any other religion. It has its own code of conduct for the students and teachers. It is a conservative School of Law that is not very much open to the idea of ‘sex’, which is now being contemplated by the government.

A Michigan Church Sues The State For Newly Added LGBTQ Civil Rights

Catholic teachings are the basis of education and cannot be substituted by the new age definition of equity and equality. The school and the Institution of the Church function on traditional practices. This has been the truth of the organization which cannot be changed at any cost. 

What Is fear? 

It is not easy for the Church and the school that runs on Catholic principles to provide employment and educational opportunities to homozygous individuals. That is why they fear that the school would face legal consequences just because equality of opportunity in employment and education is not provided to all individuals, regardless of gender and sex.

If this happens, they would be losing all the public funding the government sponsors for the organization of programs associated with the Clinton County regional educational services agency

Additionally, this particular Church will not be open for accommodation to all the people indiscriminately. Different facilities of the Church, such as the gymnasium and Soccer fields, are also at stake. In the capacity of being a public accommodation, the institution must be open to all.

Still, based on its policies, it cannot afford such facilities. The situation worsens on these grounds as the government is all within its rights to take action against the institution for violating the civil Rights acts. 

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Response Of The Government

The government has not taken any action against the institution for the time being. Any has made no official statement of the officers in this regard. It is expected that both of the groups will enter into a negotiation to reach an amicable solution.

This will be one of the most critical and essential aspects of the entire mechanism. The case has been filed in the court of law for further proceedings. 


It is only after a proper hearing that the judge would be in the position to give a judgment. A balanced approach taking into consideration the legality and the traditional aspects is important for the prevalence of peace.

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