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Restaurant Refuses To Serve Christian Group With Anti-Abortion And LGBTQ Stances



Restaurant Refuses To Serve Christian Group With Anti-Abortion And LGBTQ Stances

The political situation of a country has always impacted the social behavior of the various institutions inside it. The government of the United States of America is turning hostile toward the status of homogenous relationships. At the same time, it is trying to ban the abortion rights of women beyond a reasonable period. 

This is being held by the Judiciary and the different Institutions and organizations that function under the Ambit of the same.

Recently, a restaurant in Virginia refused to host a private party for a conservative group of Christians after both groups were found to be at loggerheads regarding their views on same-sex marriage and Anti-abortion rights. The restaurant manager publicized the event on social media to defend themselves. 

What Was The Issue? 

It was reported that the private group of conservatives did not want to be served by the women and the members of the LGBTQ communities. The restaurant employed a lot of women and members of this community.

The conservative group wanted the manager of the restaurant to fire all these employees, and it was only when none of the women and the members of LGBTQ was there in the restaurant the party could be hosted. 

This was entirely against the restaurant’s policy, and nobody had expected them to Resort to such practices, which amount to a fundamental violation of human rights. That is why the establishment decided to deny granting access to the group to host a party in the restaurant.

It was consistent with the past practices of the restaurant. The most crucial objective of the institution was to respect its employees and staff, even if it was at the cost of its customers. 

They did not want to support any practice which was against their objective. It has been the manager’s duty to ensure that the staff is comfortable. The restaurant does not indulge in any activity which affects their team or makes them uncomfortable.

The safety of the employees is one of the most critical considerations behind all decisions. Every attempt is made to preserve the dignity and Honour of the working environment. 

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Support Of The Social Media

All the followers on social media platforms supported the act of the manager. Most establishments do not even think about their employees, which is why they shut down very soon. Employees are an integral part of the institution. And all of these people make the organization function. 

This type that manager has taken inspires all other Institutions to respect their employees in the best possible way. It is one of the essential foundations laid by the restaurant for advocating equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

These efforts will bring a change in the world. This becomes important as the government takes a contradictory stand on most policies. The promotion of these interests is very vital for bringing change. 


It can be concluded over a period of time that the manager has been successful in inspiring a lot of events. In a subsequent Instagram post, he also managed to thank all the supporters for showering so much love and care to the organization.

All the efforts have been acknowledged so far and they have been able to bring a change in the true terms. Even the staff members of the restaurant including the chefs have congratulated the manager for taking such a step. 

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