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North Carolina’s Rural LGBTQ Community Is On Edge After A Power Grid Attack



North Carolina's Rural LGBTQ Community Is On Edge After A Power Grid Attack

The power was disconnected to thousands of homes in central North Carolina last weekend in yet another incidence of gun violence at two electrical substations. Widespread rumors regarding the potential source of the power loss were also spawned, which had far-reaching effects.

According to them, the most recent attempts to close down a local thoroughfare may have been the cause of the days-long blackout. The performance, intended to commemorate the LGBTQ community in rural Moore County, was the target of numerous attacks—not just once, not twice, but many times.

The media contacted Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields to provide confirmation of the rumors. The police continue to search for potential offenders around-the-clock, according to the sheriff’s observation earlier this week.

But until now, they have not discovered any proof linking the attacks to the drag show. They stated that the shootings started just before the power went out, which is also in accordance with their official records.

Additionally undetermined is the reason behind the alleged attack. According to one hypothesis put forth by the authorities, time may have overlapped rather than being executed with forethought. As they continue their investigation, the current attacks are predicated on similar instances across the country.

The Timeline Of Events

The US is currently experiencing some very divergent developments. On the one hand, it has a welcoming position for the LGBTQ community and has passed a number of new laws; on the other hand, the massacres in Colorado portray the events quite differently.

North Carolina's Rural LGBTQ Community Is On Edge After A Power Grid Attack

The present attacks have a huge fear-inducing effect on Moore County’s LGBTQ community, even though their motivations are unknown.

We will be able to obtain a peek at what has occurred thus far if we look at the police narrative. Moreover, they claim that immediately after 7 o’clock, the outages started. Saturday before last.

Evidently, some unsavory characters were involved who purposefully entered two electrical substations. They broke through the gates and started shooting at the hosts of the drag shows while doing this elsewhere simultaneously.

Whoever committed this atrocity did so in a very premeditated manner and undoubtedly knew what would happen if they started shooting at the populace. In light of the incident, Duke Energy representatives were contacted to learn how the restoration of the County’s electrical system was progressing.

They assert that as of Wednesday night, the County has its power completely restored. A preliminary estimate indicates that at its peak, more than 45,000 consumers were affected by the weekend power outage.

The lack of electricity had left many locals trying to stay warm since the temperature had fallen by the late middle of the night.

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The Bias Is A Matter Of Concern

Naomi Dix was the main attraction during the Dec. 3 performance at Southern Pines’ Sunrise Theater. Supposedly, Naomi was looking forward to a small, welcoming drag event that may knit the neighborhood together.

She did, however, acknowledge that she and other organizers had endured weeks of terrible harassment as she was recording her remarks. This carried on for a long time before the show. The hatred they are receiving has no justification, which is devastating.

What was advertised as a family-friendly drag performance was repeatedly attempted to be stopped. Currently, the incident has made the LGBTQ community in the County feel exposed. So why not? The vulnerability is certainly a legitimate reaction, given the ongoing incidents against the community.

The safety of the area’s gay youth is now the most pressing concern. Many gay parents are also concerned, as the local non-LGBTQ population is highly influenced by right-wing ideology and has shown no opposition to the shootings. Parents are also concerned that their children would become victims of such elements.

Right-wing political figures in the area attempted to shut down the venue where the drag event was set to take place. As if that wasn’t enough, they propagated rumors about the theatre hosting a sex show. It’s no surprise that such incorrect information is bound to promote violence. Hence their responsibility is highly questionable!

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