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Suspension For An Anti-LGBTQ Activist Who Harassed A Trans Student At The UW 



Suspension For An Anti-LGBTQ Activist Who Harassed A Trans Student At The UW 

A local church elder is suspended from the student union for a tear as he harassed a transgender at the University of Wyoming.

On December 2, that is on last Friday one UW trans student was targeted by using his name. This made protests among people, and they are saying that the university is failing to protect the rights of the students by letting them stay the rest of the day.

But later the University of Wyoming took action against those who acted against the law, by suspending Schmidt, for one year. Schmidt will not be allowed to enter the campus at least till next December.

What Are The Actions Taken By University?

The University has made a review this incident, and they said it violated the policies and principles of the University also they are determined to take strict actions against those discriminations in the upcoming future. For a year the privilege of the individual to reserve a table in the union is taken back as an action against this unfortunate incident.

Suspension For An Anti-LGBTQ Activist Who Harassed A Trans Student At The UW 

These actions are taken not against a single individual but against all transgenders in general. He called by name, and it is considered an offense and is punishable and that was the stand of the University. The more general anti-trans message was not the main reason for the punishment but targeting an individual made the University leaders take that action.

The UW Police were also present at the scene. An independent said that it can be considered the latest example of violent discrimination against LGBTQ students.

The issue that happened was not against a community but against a single student and that should be considered serious. Against the University’s actions, many said their opinions.

One independent said that instead of immediately removing him the university has just taken mild action which shows the attitude of the University head. They just took down his name and took almost no action on this general harassment message. 

This was not the first time this type of harassment happened at the University. Last week also the same incident happened. Two separate events happened last week. One was the dance program at the UW art museum and the other was a gender assertion program for students, and these events were disturbed by activists. They mocked the students and created a disturbance and disrupted the scheduled activities that were taking place in a peaceful way.   

Each collective event that is taking place in the town may be small, but they can form a consistent and accepting pattern in the minds of people that can lead to the hike in the significance of LGBTQ.

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Laramie the place is infamous because the gay student Mathew Sheperd was brutally killed in this place. This eventually resulted in the formation of a gay community in the year 1998. Some consider this incident similar to the one that happened at the University last week.

Trans people especially trans youth face the threat of suicide.  A study shows that almost fifty percent of transgender youth contemplated suicide in the year 2020.

The study was on the report based on National Survey on LGBTQ mental health. In most cases, suicide happened in areas where transgender people are not welcomed or accepted.

Anyway, the incident that happened last week has created a lot of pain for many people, especially among the people in the community. Many civilians and normal people who came to know about this incident expressed their apologies and said that they are not alone.

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