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MGM Resorts Sells Land On Las Vegas Strip Where 2017 Horrific Shooting Occurred



MGM Resorts Sells Land On Las Vegas Strip Where 2017 Horrific Shooting Occurred

MGM international resorts have announced that the company has reached an agreement on the sale of land on the Las Vegas strip, the place which experienced the massive shooting on October 1, 2017.

The incident occurred when 64-year-old retired and divorced accountant, Stephen Paddock fired at the open crowd of 22,000 people gathered around the Jason Aldean concert, from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort and casino, which is located several feet apart from the concert ground. The 15-minute gunfire killed 58 people and injured more than 500 individuals.

The sale of the same land was finalized on Friday in the letter distributed to the employees, MGM Resorts CEO and president Bill Hornbuckle announced that the company is committed and honored to donate a portion of the land to Clark county for honoring the memorial of the victims and heroes of 20107 Route 91 harvest festival mass shooting.

He acknowledged that it is essential for the community to heal the loss as well as the importance of the site, thus they have already put tremendous effort to continue working and supporting the County as well as considering involving the site.

People Who Have Lost Loved Ones Are Still In Grief

Since the massive shooting, the site has been unused and unchanged ever since due to its great importance. The people who lost their loved ones are still mourning their loss.

MGM Resorts Sells Land On Las Vegas Strip Where 2017 Horrific Shooting Occurred

The company has assured that the two acres planned for the memorial are excluded from the deal of the sale of 15 acres of the village property. The two-acre is donated by the company as a gesture of respect and care towards the community.

The rest of the 15 acres are sold to the three affiliated tribes who are also known as MHA nation, the parties include Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara nation. The company agreed on the sale after considering the generosity and their perspective towards the community.

The international tourism company revealed that the tribes care about the company and their commitment to the future and are highly dedicated to the community. The three affiliated tribes already own the 4 bears casino and lodge, west of the new town.

The three tribes are also supposed to be granted $25 million each by The U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, to relocate the homes, schools, and infrastructure of the sitings that are threatened by the sea-level rising, flooding, erosion, and other climate change.

The decision to construct the memorial as a tribute was taken after the survey found that the majority of the response favors constructing a memorial as a tribute to be built at the site of the shooting. The planning for the memorial began in late 2019 and it could take several more years for the tribute to be unveiled in the location.

However, the motive behind the mass shooting of 64-year-old Stephen Paddock remains mysterious today. As per the analysis by the FBI’s behavioral unit, paddock played alone in this entire thing as he is neither linked with any terrorist groups nor was he driven by grievance against any particular site, concert, or any individuals in the concert or the rampage.

The 12-month analysis only extracts the data of his struggling life dealing with mental, physical, and financial issues over the past few years, apart from that no evidence has erupted of any link associated with the mass shooting.

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Furthermore, the investigation indicates that the shooter calculated every move with suicide in the mind. The shooter shot himself before the officer breached the hotel room. Multiple firearms were found in his room and explosives crafting materials were found in his car.

Paddock stayed in the room before the mass shooting and the hotel staff were not able to recognize anything unusual than when interrogated.

Moreover, evidence has been found regarding money transactions of $100,000 to a Philippines account, but no evidence has been found up to this date about the other side of the transaction.

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