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Horrific Shootout Again: One Dead, Two Injured At The Fallbrook Nursery



Horrific Shootout Again One Dead, Two Injured At The Fallbrook Nursery

The investigation has begun as two people were injured and one was found dead, due to the aftermath of the shootout. A suspected 76-year-old man was taken into custody around sometime evening after 10 deputies arrived at the crime scene. 

The Fallbrook residents witnessed a dozen ‌patrol cars and fire department vehicles outside the plant nursery where the shooting took place. It appeared ‌body medics were taking away an injured body in a stretcher where as another body was covered by a tarp in the parking lot.

What Are Officials Saying About This? 

According to San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, the officers received the call around 2”44 pm about the horrific incident in the 3100 block of Reche Road in Fallbrook. Within a few hours of officers entering the crime scene, the suspected shooter was detained. However, his name was not revealed as the investigation is still ongoing. 

Additionally, no information regarding the victims was released to the public – as the matter is sensitive. The officers received the area seven minutes after receiving the emergency alert. Although, they were not able to prevent the shooting.

All the injured victims were immediately rushed to the hospital for medical assistance.

A retired San Diego Police Swat Commander Ray conveyed his perspective regarding the situation. He said  “It is a very challenging thing for both the sheriff’s department and also for the Law Enforcement Agency. With multiple people injured and one person killed. You have to have a homicide and a lot of resources to collect the facts regarding the incident, and to protect the area as well as locate the suspect.”

He continued that Officers are doing their job by securing and scanning the area and trying to cover all the critical evidence regarding the shootout.

The governor’s office stated that “We are monitoring the shooting in San Diego and coordinating closely with the local officials on this developing situation. Our thoughts are with those impacted by today’s act of violence, and all the Californians recovering from the shootings this year.”

North County Fire Protection District addressed ‌routing this area, as Reche Road is currently closed from Rabit Hill to Scooter Lane.

The investigation is still ongoing ‌as the motive for the shootout has still not been ‌found. The officers are struggling to find a link between the victims and the shooter or any interlink regarding the shooter and the nursery as well as the victims.

The official Twitter handle of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department tweeted that “A man is in custody in connection with the shooting in Fallbrook. Be aware of the following road closures: Reche Road is closed between Old Highway 395 and Grid Road. This remains an active crime scene. Please stay away from the area.”

However, ‌officers have been assured that there are no continuing threats in the area. But to avoid incoming into the area as the scene is an active crime scene and in order to prevent compromising the evidence. As the case is still in the development stages, ‌further evidence can be found in the area.

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Further information will be updated such as the motive and details of the shooter and victims once the investigation is completed.

As for now, there are only three victims, and officers believe that’s there for now, and they have searched the nearby area for any possible victims.

San Diego Police Department is being assisted by California Highway Patrol (CHP), Carlsbad Escondido, and Oceanside Police Departments to successfully investigate the case without any loose ends.

The case is currently led by ‌San Diego County Sheriff’s Homicide Lieutenant Chris Steffen, who will give a further update in the media briefing about the scene.

The complete report of the news will be uploaded on the official website of the San Diego department, once the investigation is completed.

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