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Gender Politics

Kentucky: Transgendered restrooms bill fails

The Kentucky state Senate’s Education Committee falls one vote short of approving a bill that have required high schools to provide separate restroom facilities for transgender students.

Transgender grandchild makes Rep. Mike Honda proud ­- and a little worried

U.S. Rep. Mike Honda announced in a tweet that he is "the proud grandpa of a transgender grandchild," sparking an immediate outpouring of support for the Democratic congressman -- who said he hopes she "can feel safe at school without fear of being bullied."

Florida's bathrooms are a battleground for transgender residents

LGBT Floridians and their allies rejoiced last month when the state lifted its ban on gay marriage, but are already fighting their next battle, with local conservatives apparently determined to make trans folks' lives as nightmarish as possible.

Pakistan: Transgender community fights for rights

The transgender community in Pakistan has gained ground with the Supreme Court recognizing a third gender on national identity cards, however, it remains widely discriminated against in the conservative society.

Poll: Half of young people believe gender isn’t limited to male and female

Half of all Millennials believe that gender exists on a spectrum, and shouldn’t be limited to the categories of male and female, according to Fusion’s Massive Millennial Poll, which surveyed 1,000 people aged 18-34 about everything from politics to dating to race issues.