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Hate Crimes

In Canada, holiday turns into nightmare for gay couple

An idyllic cross-country ski trip through the West Kootenays turned nightmarish for a gay couple when an unprovoked hate attack left one of the men lying bloodied in the snow, begging for mercy.

In Georgia, gay man’s bedroom set on fire

The man's mother says her son is sick, unable to work and rarely, if ever, leaves his house, which makes it harder for her to understand the reasoning behind the act.

LETTER to the editor: Harvey Milk and Gabrielle Giffords and senseless violence

I have never met Congresswoman Giffords, nor Judge Roll, nor any of the other victims of the shocking massacre that occurred Saturday in Tucson. But I recall as though it were yesterday the assassinations in 1978 of my friend and mentor Harvey Milk along with San Francisco Mayor Moscone.

Hate crime rocks LGBT club at Queens College

Homophobic messages defaced student artwork in a club for LGBT youth in the Student Union building at Queens College in New York.