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Community continues search for Nick Adams

The community has become concerned about the disappearance of Nicholas Brian Engstler, 32, AKA Nick Engstler, AKA Nick Adams.

Nick was last seen in Long Beach, CA, between June and August 2019.

He also has a hearing disability but uses American Sign Language (ASL). Nick is a part of the LGBT community. 

Pride collective, CAPI conference is coming to San Diego

Pride collective, CAPI conference is coming to San Diego.

The Consolidated Association of Pride, Inc. (CAPI) conference brings together Prides and LGBTQ-serving organizations from across the western United States of America and Mexico.

San Diego Pride is giving away over $340,000

I love that we are able to join in celebration, pursue justice with joy, and reinvest the proceeds of Pride into the health and happiness of our LGBTQ community.

A thank you from San Diego Pride

A thank you from San Diego Pride

Our 2019 theme is Stonewall 50: A Legacy of Liberation.

We have taken the year to reflect on the gifts given to us by the struggles and sacrifices of our Stonewall generation and consider the world we want to leave to the next generation. I continue to be inspired by our community’s history of resilience.

Hope for the Holidays

Many of us feel the weight and emptiness of familial rejection and isolation. Far too many of us, especially our youth, fear holiday gatherings where relatives will be outright hostile.

Meet LGBT History Month icon Arthur Mitchell

After achieving international stardom, Mitchell founded the Dance Theater of Harlem, the first black classical ballet company in the United States.

Meet LGBT History Month icon Anne Lister

Lister kept extensive diaries—23 volumes over 34 years—documenting her life and same-sex relationships.

Lister was born into an aristocratic English family. She received formal schooling, a rarity for a girl of that era.