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Notes from The Center: Quarter Program Reviews

As we complete the annual independent audit from last fiscal year and the review the reports for the beginning quarter of this year, some of the overall facts are startling...

Centerpoint: Wait, What Are My Rights Again?

With more pending landmark federal legislation than we could have imagined, our collective heads are spinning just trying to keep up with it all. So here’s a quick and dirty update on the state of our civil rights in 2009.

Non-profit Profile : DIG

Malnutrition in HIV/AIDS patients is a problem that can be addressed in a very real, cost effective, and time efficient way. DIG installs micro-gardens in hospitals, outpatient facilities, and orphanages, ensuring a steady supply of quality vegetables to their kitchens.

TANTRUMS & TIARAS: Battle of the Bar Queens

TANTRUM & TIARAS is a daringly outrageous beauty pageant you have to see to believe. Where else will you get a chance to see a bunch of 'queens' with LITTLE to NO experience in drag, attempting to strut on stage in their highest stilettos without falling over?

Federal Assistant Attorney General Wants to Fight LGBT Discrimination

In a stark departure from old Bush policies, Tom Perez, the federal assistant attorney general that runs the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, said Wednesday he will seek to fight discrimination against gays and lesbians. Pending legislation in Congress, the Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Preventions Act, federal prosecutors will be able to prosecute hate crimes against LGBT Americans.

Diversity Visa Lottery 2011 - Now Accepting Applications

It’s that time of year again. Each year the U.S. Department of State runs a “lottery” through which citizens of countries that are considered under-represented in the U.S. immigration system can apply through a lottery for an immigrant visa (”green card.”)

Inclusive Immigration Reform Tops Poll of LGBT Priorities

Earlier this week, we asked Immigration Equality supporters to weigh in, at Pam’s House Blend, on which issue you thought should be top priority for President Obama as he prepares to address the community this weekend at the Human Rights Campaign annual dinner.

This morning, we have proof that your voice matters.

Ahead of National March, Activists Speak Out for Binational Families

As tens of thousands of advocates, activists and allies begin arriving in Washington for this weekend’s National Equality March, there are an increasing number of calls for elected leaders to end discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender binational families.