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VIDEOS: Rachel Maddow gets testy with anti-gay Ugandan legislator David Bahati



Rachel Maddow interviewed anti-gay Ugandan legislator David Bahati, and discussed the proposed Ugandan legislation that imprisons Ugandan gays, as well as naming his American supporters.

Maddow connects the dots in her introduction to The Family, a conservative group supporting Bahati, and discusses with Bahati his American visa to attend a conference, and why he was denied entrance to the conference.

Bahati makes repeated references to family, children and God, stating that his anti-gay bill is supported by the Ugandan community because 95 percent of Ugandans are against homosexuality.

In the second part, Maddow and Bahati discuss the tabloid newspaper that outed hundreds of LGBT people, calling for their hanging and the bill that the Ugandan parliament is considering. A photo of Ugandan Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, a heterosexual man of the cloth who is fighting for gay and human rights in Africa, was published in that edition of Rolling Stone

Bahati side steps the issue and states the law is set up to protect children. He further denies any attempt at trying to eradicate homosexuality, and returns to the issue of protecting children and families.

“How do gay people hurt families in Uganda?” Maddow asks. She also asks, “What is God’s law about homosexuality?”

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