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COMMENTARY: Are we not all God’s children?

LGBT Americans are not treated equally. Heterosexual Americans have many more federal rights. The Religious Right gleefully advocates for anti-gay discrimination. Any wonder why LGBT teens are bullied or commit suicide at an alarming rate? Homophobia must be stopped.

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COMMENTARY: Anti-gay Evangelicals endorse homophobic Rick Santorum

Who do the anti-gay haters want for President? Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, San Diego’s known homophobe the Rev. Jim Garlow of Skyline Church push Rick Santorum for president.

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COMMENTARY: Reflecting on MLK Day about need for LGBTQ justice in the Black Church

King’s teachings taught me how religion plays a profound role in the work of justice. A religion that looks at reality from an involved committed stance in light of a faith that does justice sees the face of the damned, the disinherited, the disrespected and the dispossessed — and that also includes its LGBTQ people.

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COMMENTARY: “Pariah” is the story of a sister outsider rarely seen in film

It’s my hope that “Pariah” will be part of the trend of the mainstreaming of niche content. Black lesbian cinematic representation is long overdue.

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COMMENTARY: What did we learn from the New Hampshire primary?

Mitt Romney is on a roll, winning both the Iowa Republican Caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. Still, he has yet to win a majority of the votes in either vote, showing that the majority of Republican voters are not quite sold on him as their nominee.

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