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VIDEO: How Steven became Susan

One man’s life-altering decision to go through gender transformation will be the subject of a CNN documentary, “Her Name Was Steven,” to be shown this weekend.

Steven Stanton seemed to have it all: An adoring wife and a son, a nice house, and an important job as city manager of Largo, Fla.

He was well respected by friends and work colleagues, but had held a secret for many years. He had fought against his desires and feelings to be a woman.

Once married, Steven had hoped to finally close that chapter of his life. But as the years progressed, the feelings returned to the point that Steven could resist them no more. He began visiting chat rooms where he could talk about his feelings to transgender people.

In February 2007, Steven came out as a transgender and declared that he would begin dressing as a woman and asked to be called Susan. He was soon fired from his job and his life changed forever.

The story of Steven/Susan exploded into a national debate over transgender rights, and CNN began following Stanton to make a documentary.

With revealing interviews from Stanton, family and colleagues, "Her Name Was Steven" tells the story of how one person's private struggle for gender identity, love and acceptance made it into the public eye.

After being fired, Stanton applied for more than 100 city jobs before being hired as city manager of Lake Worth, Fla., in April 2009.

Stanton has become the somewhat reluctant face of the transgender community, but prefers to concentrate on her work for the city.
”Her Name Was Steven” airs on CNN at 5, 8 and 11 p.m. today and Sunday.