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Work by internationally known gay artist Joe Phillips featured in SD PIX this month

SAN DIEGO – The October edition of SD PIX magazine, a publication known for its tastefully sexy fashion spreads, will hit the streets today with the centerpiece featuring models clad in wears from RUFSKIN studios.

While the glossy magazine typically features a RUFSKIN spread, this month is different because no fashion photo shoot was necessary this time around.

The models were drawn by internationally known gay artist Joe Phillips.

Phillips, who lives in San Diego, jokes that “it’s about time” his work was featured in a popular gay publication such as SD PIX: “I’ve been in the gay art community for the last 10 years and [my work] is well known in the gay art market.”

Although Phillips is a local, he feels like he and his work get more attention internationally than here. When asked what it feels like being a part of the San Diego GLBT community, Phillips responded, “Am I?”

He noted that he has a few friends in town that “get him” but for the most part, he feels invisible locally. “It’s odd, but it is what it is,” Phillips said.

Even though many GLBT San Diegans do not realize or appreciate the presence of an internationally-renowned artist in their own backyard, Phillips does love San Diego.

“I like the weather and the boys.”

About Joe

Phillips, who is an artist, illustrator, animator, designer and sculptor, classifies himself as an “all-around artist.”

“I’m a triple threat,” he said. “I draw, sculpt and animate.”

Phillips, who graduated from the Northside School of the Arts in Atlanta, has been drawing since he was a child. “I just drew everything and people have always liked what I did, so it was clear that was what I was going to be,” he said.

He has worked in the comic book industry since 1987, penciling interiors and covers from publishers such as DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW, Image, Wild Storm, Now and others. His work has also been featured in various books, magazines and other products since 1983.

Some of his product clients include Xodus USA, Justus Boyz and Jocko, where he has created the art for T-shirts, magnets and clothing.

Phillips has also done a lot of work that has been featured on trading cards, working for companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Fleet and Upper Deck.

On his website www.joephillips.com there are a number of caricatures of popular figures, such as a "glammed out" Adam Lambert, Bette Midler, Lady Gaga, a ripped Taylor Lautner, Whoopi Goldberg and President Barack Obama.

Phillips enjoys doing caricature work, as it helps him be a more “all around artist.”

The caricatures were created for various other magazines or publications and can be viewed on his web site under the “Portfolio” tab.

House of Morecock

One of Phillips’ more well-known pieces of work -- which many may not even realize is a Phillips creation -- is the erotic “House of Morecock” film, released in 1999.

“House of Morecock” features Jonas Morecock, a blond, 20-something gay man who investigates mysterious, supernatural happenings. Each situation usually ends up with Jonas engaging in some sort of sexual or erotic activity.

The sexual cartoon film was created through computer-generated animation and is considered one the first-ever American made gay adult animation projects.

Phillips says that while making the film was fun and it has become wildly popular, it is not the focus of his work.

“I’m not a prude, but for my main body of work, I really want to bring the gay joy to the public without the sex thing being the only thing people think of,” Phillips said.

“My work takes the fun of just being happy and the other joys of life outside of the bedroom … I hope people find themselves in my work and make it personal.”

Upcoming projects

Phillips is always creating new work and taking things to the next level. He enjoys creating work together with his clients and making people happy. His plans include to continue his Joe Boy art line, working on more comics and also a novel that should be out next year.

“I’m open to more fun projects.”

Phillips, whose Joe’s World work can be viewed in the October edition of SD PIX magazine starting on page 23, said he enjoyed working on the spread.

“I wanted to do something ‘spacey’ and futuristic and RUFSKIN is perfect for that concept,” Phillips explained. “I’ve done a lot of sci-fi art and when I was told I could do whatever I wanted to, I jumped at the chance!”

Phillips also noted that he will be at the SD PIX’s Glow Party at Rich’s Nightclub on Saturday, Oct. 23. He will being sketching the first 20 people who approach him, so he encourages people to arrive early.

For more information or to view Phillip’s work, visit www.joephillips.com.