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Eden and Chef Scotty Wagner part ways and plan for the future

SAN DIEGO – Hillcrest’s upscale restaurant and nightclub Eden will no longer utilize the services of Chef Scotty Wagner to provide its food service.

David Laurent, head of Nightlife SD and Eden’s owner, officially made the announcement today. The popular chef has already departed the premises.

“Nightlife SD has ended its business relationship with Chef Scotty Wagner in all dealings pertaining to Eden and ChileCo. We look forward to sharing our fresh, new culinary concept with our loyal clientele, further establishing Eden as a leading nightlife and dining destination in San Diego’s vibrant Hillcrest community,” Laurent said.

What will this new vision of Eden look like? Apparently it’s back to the future.

Kim Julin Guyader of J Public Relations, who has been hired to handle publicity for Eden, told SDGLN that late-night favorite Ciro Pizzeria will move back into the bistro space previously occupied by ChileCo. Eden’s predecessor, Universal, offered pizza for late-night dining.

“In early summer, Eden will launch a brand new menu concept along with a refreshed interior design: Think delicious, un-fussy food and approachable prices,” Guyader said.

There is also buzz about a pending announcement of a “major act to appear at Eden to coincide with Pride festivities.”

During this transition, Eden and ChileCo remain open, both being operated by Nightlife SD, Guyader said.

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Follow Chef Scotty Wagner on his blog here.

On his Facebook page, Chef Scotty wrote on Friday that he was traveling to his native Wisconsin. SDGLN attempted to reach Wagner via Facebook email, but did not get a response in a timely manner about his future plans.