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Jim Winsor’s Out & About: A week of the Wavehouse, DADT parties, carnivals and adventures during the blackout

This Saturday, the gays will be taking over Mission Beach once again! Russ Edra, Tyler Helble and Colin Wood are bringing us another Reclaim Summer party at the Wavehouse, the last one planned for 2011.

Just like the last one, the big outdoor section is being used, including the wave machine! The fun goes from 3 to 10 pm, and cover is only $10.

And best of all will be the music. Not only will DJs Nikno and Luis Perezbe spinning, but also Lady Gaga's musical director Fernando Garibay, who co-wrote and produced some of her biggest hits including Born This Way, Edge Of Glory and Dance In The Dark.

Needless to say I'm definitely looking forward to this! If you've never been to one of these Wavehouse ragers and want to see what you've missed, you can check out photos of the past two Reclaim Summer parties HERE.

DADT dies on Tuesday

And next Tuesday, Sept. 20, the clock finally runs out on the military's discriminatory "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. On that date the waiting will be over, and gay and lesbian troops will finally be able to socialize off duty without fear of reprisal.

And there's a few events next week planned to commemorate the event, the first being Monday night at Bourbon Street. They'll be having a Countdown to Repeal Party, in conjunction with other cities (such as Washington DC and Seattle), in which they will count down the minutes, from 9 pm to 12:01 am until repeal becomes official.

Then on Tuesday Bourbon Street will also be hosting another repeal celebration. The Military Acceptance Project's Salute to LGBT Service Members and the End of DADT runs from 7 pm to 10 pm, and includes "appearances by special guests, recognition of all LGBT service members and veterans as well as Map Salute Awards honoring eight distinguished service members who embody and promote acceptance in the military and the community at large. Honorees include Eric Alva, Sean Sala, Joe Whitaker, Kim Martinez, Jen Kopfstein and more. This event is free and everyone is welcome."

And that's not all! There'll be other DADT repeal related parties later in the week, including the start of a new military theme night at Bourbon Street on Thursdays (boy, Bourbon is really going all out for the troops here, yay for them!), and a special Active Duty/Military Madness party at Rich's on Saturday, Sept. 24. I'll have more to say on those events in the column next week ...

Carnival at Bourbon Street

And it's not just DADT parties at Bourbon Street this week ... this Friday is the big Carnival at Bourbon Street, sponsored by SDPIX.

A benefit for Being Alive, Bourbon will be transformed into "a playground of games, food, and snackable delights" and "will include everything that customers might remember from attending carnivals and circuses in their childhood -- with a grown-up twist. The fabulous Tori Heart will serve as the evening's host, and guests will be able to enjoy liquor-infused snow cones, a dunk tank, games, cotton candy, popcorn, face painting, clowns, stilt walkers, hot dogs, prizes, and more fun starting at 9 pm."

Yes, watch out for those snow cones! This is a really great event you won't want to miss; you can check out photos from previous Carnivals here.

Last week's events (or, how to blackout during a blackout)

Boy if there's one thing last week's massive blackout of San Diego reminded me of, it's that this community sure knows how to party through adversity! On Thursday evening in the midst of the outage, just as the sun was setting and my iPhone was down to 2% power, I got a text message just before the battery died: "Come to Mo's, they're having a Blackout Party, and it's HUGE!"

And huge it was. The place was packed with people, partying as if civilization was on the brink of destruction (which with no lights outside, it kind of felt like it was). Owner Chris Shaw got a generator going, and had some emergency lights up. The kitchen kept running on gas. And the incredible bar staff at Mo's managed to dig up some paper credit card machines and receipts from last century, and kept the drinks flowing (as long as you didn't try to order anything obviously ridiculous, like a frozen black lemonade).

And then there was music! Ryan Bedrosian, AJ Jacobson and Graham Foote showed up from Rich's with a laptop full of music and portable speakers, plugged them in to the generator, and voila! An instant DJ booth was created, and the dance floor was jumpin'.

It was a night to remember indeed. And I understand Mo's was not alone; other clubs weathered the blackout and provided a gathering place during the darkest night in recent San Diego history.

You can view photos from Urban Mo's first ever totally unplanned Blackout Party, along with other albums from last week now up on SDPIX, including shots from Babette's Bingo Lunch at Martinis Above Fourth and the AFCSL'sFall Ball Opening Party at #1 Fifth Avenue. Happy viewing!