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Jim Winsor’s Out & About: Pedestrian ticketing is on the rise in Hillcrest

Be careful when you are crossing the street at night in Hillcrest. The newly instituted Hillcrest police bicycle patrol has begun issuing pedestrian traffic tickets for jaywalking and such to bar-hopping boys crossing University Avenue.

These tickets can be expensive too. Last Friday, some friends of mine (Josh Baker, Josh Stanley and Chris Miller) all got $75 tickets for allegedly crossing street while the pedestrian signal was "flashing red" (although they all rather hotly insist that the light was "walk signal green" when they began crossing).

In any case, be advised that the bike patrol has decided to spend part of its time patrolling the crosswalks and watching the traffic signals, and thus act accordingly when you see them on those street corners.

West Hollywood trip

I didn't have to worry about a jaywalking ticket in San Diego last Saturday night, because I wasn't here. For a change of pace (as well as being a dry run for New Year's Eve in LA), a group of friends and I decided to make a surprise visit to West Hollywood. It was nice little adventure. WeHo has a massive and vibrant nightlife scene that can really be a blast once you solve the problem of where to park for the night.

We managed to stumble our way down Santa Monica Boulevard, hitting The Abbey, Motherload, Fiesta Cantina (norte), Eleven, Cherry Pop at Ultra Suede, The Factory, Micky's and perhaps one or two other bars I may have been at but can't seem to remember.

Thanks to Derek Soderholm, Kristin Doving, Tim Ornatowski, Ray Trujillo, Chris Wetherington, Chris Mcleroy, Ray Poota, Davina Kostiana Love, Shaun Hasan, Shane Cornelio, Mark Vogelsang, Daniel Stuart, Michael Christopher Frazier IV, Even Landry and Ralph Valera for having me around ... let's do it again soon!

Masquerade party at House.Boi

If you're looking to do something fun here in San Diego this Friday night, House.Boi's Ari Claire is having a masquerade party at the store from 6 to 9 pm, in honor of their new holiday fashion arrivals.

There will be music by DJ John Joseph, an open Svedka bar, and the House.Boi models in masquerade masks (and not a whole lot else).

Thanksgiving Wednesday

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving, and the Wednesday night before is traditionally a pretty festive night here in Hillcrest. Here's a few of the special events going on that evening:

* Dreamgirls followed by the Turkey Ball at Mo's -- 8 pm to 2 am
* The Biggest Party Of The Year at Eden -- 10 pm to 2 am
* Thanksgiving Eve Brown Sugar Party at Numbers -- 10 pm to 2 am

... and no doubt both Flicks and Rich's will be stuffed with hot boys on the prowl as well, as they always are on Wednesdays.

Last week's events

Check out SDPIX for eight new albums from last week, including photos from DJ Nikno's birthday at Rich's, the 2nd Annual Meatball Turkey Day Dinner at The Center, Dinner Theater at The Range, Drive by Drag at Baja Betty's, Laugh Out Proud at Martinis Above Fourth, DJ Keoki "11/11/11" at Eden, the LGBT Veterans Day parade contingent, and Church at Babycakes. Happy viewing!