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Tantrums & Tiaras contestant profile: Kirby Carlock of Babycakes

(Editor's note: "Tantrums and Tiaras: Battle of the Bar Queens 2014" returns Sunday, Feb. 16 at the North Park Theatre. The show is an over-the-top drag competition where representatives from some of the community’s bars with little or no drag experience compete for the crown. The event benefits the San Diego LGBT Community Center. Leading up to the event, we will profile the five contestants, but you'll have to buy tickets and go the show to find out their drag name and see them in full make-up! More information is HERE.)

Contestant Name: Kirby Carlock

Age: 26

Bar representing: Babycakes

First time in drag?: Yes and no - this is my first as a lead performer, but have done back dancing in drag before.

Tell us a bit more about yourself

I'm a Tennessee transplant!

What are you most excited about?

The bathing suit portion. None of us have been on stage, much less in a bikini!

What makes you most nervous about competing?

Being judged by the first inductee into the Drag Hall of Fame, Chad Michaels.

Why are YOU going to win Tantrums & Tiaras?

Because hard work pays off! I don't do competitions half-ass.

Closing thoughts

I was just thinking that it was time to start volunteering and doing theater again and then I was presented with this opportunity to do both: giving back to the LGBT community while filling my theater void.

Purchase tickets to Tantrums & Tiaras HERE.