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Swedish singer Mizgin tells SDGLN the meaning behind her hit single

Sweden could be considered the number one place in the world in which infectious pop music gets born and then is dispersed to the rest of the planet.

From ABBA to Swedish House Mafia, the country has had a history of building the beats of the American dance floor and then going all the way to the top of the U.S. charts.

Make room for another Swedish singer who hopes to do the same.

The mononymous Mizgin hails from Bollnas, Sweden and has already made an impact in the nightclubs of America with her hit “If I Said I’m in Love (Suicide).”

The artist talked to SDGLN about the rising of her success, the influence that makes her music and what is yet to come.

The singer grew up in the electronic age of the 90’s. Although no specific artist sticks out in her mind, she said her inspiration was that decade’s exploration into re-inventing the feel of soul, “There was so much amazing pop music and so many amazing artists during that time. You couldn’t escape the influence if you lived through it.”

That influence can be heard in her latest single “If I Said I’m in Love (Suicide),” a dance floor ode to seeking fulfillment through others. Mizgin believes that one shouldn’t rely on other people to bring happiness, rather a person should find self-fulfillment in the value of themselves.

“I believe that deep down inside we have the ability to love ourselves more than anyone else can,” she said. “Sadly we are often taught otherwise and seek to find someone to fill that void, leading to a toxic situation. This song is about taking back control from an oppressive lover and finding that hidden inner strength to stand up for what we believe and deserve.”

Mizgin said she has not only been in situations where her very being has been challenged, but she has also seen friends and family go through the same thing and come out as better people. She hopes “If I Said I’m in Love (Suicide)” conveys that meaning.

The Swedish singer has many plans for the future. If you like her current single, she promises that there is more to come.

“I am currently working on a few exciting things. I can’t tell you about everything... yet! But I can tell you that I’m working on my album and I really can't wait to share it with everyone. I am super excited about that,” she said.

You can listen to “If I Said I’m in Love (Suicide),” and various remixes HERE

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