Chris Talbott, Producer of Trans documentary “Deep Run,” talks to SDGLN

The new documentary “Deep Run” will make its San Diego premiere at the San Diego Film Festival on October 2, at 5 pm. This Susan Sarandon executive produced film, follows the life of Cole, a transgender male living in the oppressive and un-accepting world of his small town in North Carolina.

Chris Talbott along with director Hillevi Loven follow this young man on his journey from hiding who is he is, to coming out at 15, and finally a faith-conflicted psychological transition. There are many revelations along the way, including one in the film from a local Pastor that is so shocking, even Talbott refuses to say anything about what happened.

As the film’s producer, he took some time to talk with me about the movie, Cole’s journey and what is next on his agenda.

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: First, are you gay or trans?

Talbott: I am a straight man.

SDGLN: Was it always your intention to profile Spazz/Cole?

Talbott: For some years director Hillevi Loven and I were exploring other subjects in a subculture of punk evangelical youth. Hillevi met Cole while on a tour of the South documenting a young band in that scene, they eventually led us to Cole.

SDGLN: While you were filming, did you get any backlash from the townspeople?

Talbott: Hillevi Loven shot the movie, but no, she was treated graciously.

SDGLN: I know that you are a film maker and presumably do not voice an opinion about your subjects, but Pastor Bradley made quite a revelation in the film and I wondered how you reacted.

Talbott: No comment.

SDGLN: What do you expect people who may have never come across such blatant homophobia as seen “Deep Run” to take away from this movie? Is the film more for people who live in the middle of it or people not aware that it goes on?

Talbott: No one can sit easy and imagine that discrimination and violence against the LGBT community is over. We imagine this movie serving communities currently struggling with acceptance towards the LGBT community, perhaps within their church or in their community at large.

SDGLN: What is the one important thing you learned while making the film?

Talbott: The trans experience reflects back at all of us.

SDGLN: Are you still in touch with Cole? How is he?

Talbott: Cole is still struggling to get the documentation he needs to work and to marry anyone.

SDGLN: What’s next for you?

Talbott: I am now shooting a demo for a fictional episodic series set in New York City, and developing a fiction movie based on a memoir called “Jewboy.”

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