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SNL remembers the viral celebrities of 2015 in funny season opener



If you were at “The Red Dress Party,” “Pride at Dive,” or “Gay Days at Disneyland,” this Saturday, you may have missed “Saturday Night Live’s” season opener and its tribute to the best of 2015’s pop culture residue.

Host Miley Cyrus introduced the show and vocalized what many were already thinking.

“I’d like to say goodbye to those who made the summer what it was,” she said. “And while we’ll never think of these people ever, ever again, they certainly did summer their way.”

The list of soon-to-be forgotten ersatz celebrities is rather lengthy. SNL cast members embody Kim Davis, Cecil the lion killer and Rachel Dolezal, as they fade in and out of frame to the tune of “My Way” sung by Cyrus, then join her on stage after the hilarious montage.

Although summer may be over, there is sure to be more viral viscera spilling out onto our computer screens through the end of the year and into 2016. SNL will probably get a lot of material from The Donald alone.

But for now, here are the people you shouldn’t have to think of ever, ever again:

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