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You should be watching soapy trans webseries 'Her Story'

Transgender people are not often showcased in entertainment media with full backstories and intricate plot lines.

Yes, there is Amazon’s award-winning “Transparent,” but we all know the main character is portrayed by cis-gender actor Jeffrey Tambor, a bone of contention for many in the trans community.

But the webseries “Her Story” may change all of that. Although not a mainstream production which reached millions through the power of network television, the series is at least a little more involved than other web programs. And it also features trans women in the title roles.

This is a scripted, six-episode series which follows Violet (Jen Richards) and Paige (Angelica Ross), who are trying to make sense of their lives in Los Angeles, where love and acceptance are uncomfortable and awkward even today.

In fact, in the first episode Violet meets Allie, an LGBT publication reporter who is interested in writing a piece about being trans. Violet is not comfortable with the pitch and refuses to help. But things begin to take a turn in the second installment.

But as most things in life are complicated so are the people of “Her Story.”

The production is crisp, the acting is competent and the cast seems to want to make this little series award-worthy.

“Her Story” is likable and informative with believable conflicts sown in-between. Trans women are seen and finally heard.

Each episode clocks in at about eight minutes, except the final episode which runs at about 11 minutes.

Here is the first of six:

You can watch the entire webseries HERE. or on the YouTube Channel HERE.

"Her Story" stars; Jen Richards, Laura Zak, Angelica Ross, Christian Ochoa, Sydney Freeland, and Kate Fisher.

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