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FilmOut 2016 Festival and Audience Awards results



Many talented directors, actors and writers are honored with the 2016 FilmOut awards. Here are the results: 

The 2016 FilmOut Festival Awards:

Best Narrative Feature – Grant Scicluna, Downriver

Best First Narrative Feature – Stephen Dunn, Closet Monster

Best Screenplay – Ray Yeung, Front Cover

Best Actor in a Feature Film – **TIE** – Geoffrey Couët & François Nambot, Paris 05:59 – Theo & Hugo

Best Actress in a Feature Film – Kerry Norton, ToY

Best Actor in Supporting Role –Aaron Abrams, Closet Monster

Best Actress in Supporting Role – Kerry Fox, Downriver

Best International Feature – Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau, Paris 05:59, Theo & Hugo

Best Overall Short Film – Arkasha Stevenson, Vessels

Best Short Film Male – Gabriel Dorado, De Vuelta

Best Short Film Female – Kai Stanicke, B.

Best International Short Film – Nils Åsén,The Memory of You

Best Cinematography – Rainer Lipski, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Best Documentary – Robert L. Camina, Upstairs Inferno

Best Direction – Grant Scicluna, Downriver


The 2016 FilmOut Audience Awards

Best Narrative Feature – Casper Andreas, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Best Screenplay – David Michael Barrett, Kiss Me Kill Me

Best Overall Short Film – Sam Greisman, Dinner with Jeffrey

Best Actor in a Feature Film – Van Hansis, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Best Actress in a Feature Film – Briana Evigan, ToY

Best Supporting Actor – Robby Stahl, Flatbush Luck

Best Supporting Actress – Briana Marin, Flatbush Luck

Best International Feature – Marco Kreuzpaintner, Coming In

Best Documentary – Robert L. Camina, Upstairs Inferno

Best Comedy – Rob Williams, Shared Rooms

Best Ensemble – Cast of Kiss Me, Kill Me


2016 FilmOut Programming Awards Freedom Award – The Festival and Programming Directors are responsible for these awards:

 Freedom Award — Robert L. Camina, Upstairs Inferno

Outstanding Emerging Talent – Connor Jessup, Closet Monster & Reef Ireland, Downriver

Outstanding Artistic Achievement – Laurent Boileau, Lady of the Night



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