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‘Secret’ Deodorant debuts groundbreaking transgender ad



A new deodorant commercial released this week perfectly captures the anxiety that some transgender people face while having to navigate public restrooms. 

The latest commercial in the Secret #Stress Test ad campaign features a young transgender person working up the courage to leave the bathroom stall and face other women in a public restroom. The tagline reads, “Dana finds courage to show there’s no wrong way to be a woman.” 

The ad comes on the heels of a number of anti-transgender bathroom bills in different states across America, like North Carolina’s House Bill 2. The legislation led to national conversation about the barriers trans people come across while occupying gendered spaces on a daily basis.

“I always have moments of insecurity but I have conditioned myself to act unbothered,” Karis Wilde, the actress featured in the ad, told Queerty about having to use public restrooms. “While shooting, I allowed myself to feel vulnerable. It terrified me how much I’ve stored all those emotions; I almost cried in the middle of taping.”

Openly transgender people have recently made a number of high-visibility appearances in major ad campaigns, including trans model Arisce Wanzer who, this week, appears on the cover of Spiegel Catalog.

We hope to see more authentic portrayals of queer experience in advertising like this in the future.


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