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Woman who went on racist tirade identified as Jennifer Boyle from Chicago



The woman who might be considered a retail customer service worker’s worst nightmare has been identified.

Chicago consumer Jennifer Boyle has become somewhat of a cyber villain over the last week when she went on a racist tirade against Michael’s employees over a dollar tote bag.

The whole thing was captured on video, where at first, she says she was discriminated against, then goes on to call the black cashiers “animals.”

In another instance, Boyle was captured on cell phone footage calling out a barista at Peets Coffee over a bottled water, saying that just because the clerk worked in Boystown, the primarily gay section of Chicago, didn’t mean he could call her a ‘bitch.” In fact, she yells, she could call him something if she were to stereotype. 

LGBTQ Nation reports that Boyd’s Linkedin account has been deleted, but before it disappeared it showed the verbal assailant is a graduate of DePaul University and interestingly was employed as a Human resource representative at Sinai Health System.

An employee from that company recalls Boyle as being unstable and shed no tears when she left:

She is just as nuts in person as this video depicts. From a legal perspective, I am not sure what I am or am not allowed to say; but I will leave it at this. EVERYONE was happy when they found out she was no longer welcome back.

And another co-worker says they were relieved when Boyle made her exit from the company:

When I worked at Sinai, I was her conduit for all of her mental anguish. On my last day, I warned everyone that was at my going away outing to be careful around her and that she was mentally unstable. After I left, she unleashed on everyone within the department. Even though “I told you so”s feel good for a moment, this is unprecedented.

Sinai wants nothing to do with the viral vitriol and has made a statement on Facebook about Boyle, saying she once worked for them, but they condone none of her activities, adding the company, “embraces diversity, inclusion and respect for all people. We condemn and reject any behavior or statements that insult or demean anyone based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality.”

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