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San Diego LGBT comic book nerds create show to discuss everything “geeky”



One San Diego drag entertainer is probably the biggest fan of comic book culture, character-driven video games and any sort of entertainment that involves a lot of color.

Kickxy Vixen-Styles wanted to use all that knowledge and put it into a weekly YouTube discussion show with her friend Slay.Braham, nee Abraham, who shares her interest in what she calls “nerdism.”

They created “Geeky Kiki,” a discussion series which focuses on LGBTQ pop culture, with emphasis on sci-fi and comic books. But they are gearing up for future episodes to include other guests in the LGBTQ community who share their same interests.

“It’s pretty much a YouTube show that will have an episode every week and the subjects will change. It’s going to be geek – nerd but with LGBTQ as it’s center point,” she told San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, “I love comics and a big sci-fi geek. So is my friend Abraham. We also have a love for toys and action figures. So we came up with this idea.”

The hunky ex-bartender Slay Braham, we learn in the inaugural episode painstakingly takes existing action figures which have been customized to super hero realness and channels the panels to photograph them in creative ways. You might say he stages the pages. 

Co-hostess Kickxy Vixen-Styles is one of the hardest working drag queens in San Diego, regularly appearing at Rich’s for the spectacular “Divas” show, and guest starring in various events in and around Hillcrest.

Her signature looks are impeccable cosplay and sci-fi characters who have influenced her life in some way or another.

“Geeky Kiki,” is the brainchild of both Kickxy and Slay.Braham and grew from the idea that there is an abundance of YouTube channels which focus on the geeky part of pop culture, but absent are the channels that have their unique LGBT focus.

“There’s also a lot of drag queen YouTube channels that are specific to that genre,” said Kickxy, “But there’s no show with a gay guy and a drag queen talking about geeky/nerd stuff. So we are very excited.”

The show has already aired three episodes, the first one a lengthy and interesting introduction to the two hosts in which they discuss their pasts and origin of personas.

Kickxy reveals that Slay.Braham was the driving force behind her getting into drag entertainment. She then goes on to explain her drag name.

“My name is Kickxy, because I love kick-ass, vixen bitches,” she says in the video. “Girls that have kicked ass since Barbarella…to Trinity to any woman that has been on film, that has been on comic books that has kicked ass. I am a kick-ass vixen with a style.”

The show had to make some adjustments to the airdate because of scheduling conflicts and now will debut each week on Wednesday.

The hosts are planning to have more people join their guest panel and would like to film in some of Hillcrest’s landmark locations.

“Dax from RuPaul is going to be one of our guest next month among other local special guests,” said Kickxy, “Since it is a kiki some episodes we want to film at local bars and clubs to showcase our community as well.”

It’s an interesting show, and never have I heard more than probably I needed to about comic book characters, but the chemistry between the two hosts is so natural that I grew increasingly interested about the influences comic books have on their lives. 

Also, in watching the show, I realized something I hadn’t before: comics help LGBTQ people by showcasing strong wills in their characters–some LGBT–and their willingness to fight whatever the odds. 

Kickxy and Slay.Braham are great examples of how pride and inspiration can come from anywhere, one just has to look. For those who feel they are without power, they must find it from within and “Geeky Kiki” seems to be a great example of two best friends harnessing that philosophy. 

You can watch the latest episode of “Geeky Kiki” below (NSFW – language). 

You can subscribe to “Geeky Kiki’s” YouTube channel HERE.

Timothy Rawles  is Community Editor of SDGLN. He can be reached at [email protected], @reporter66 on Twitter, or by calling toll-free to 888-442-9639, ext. 713.

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