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Tantrums and Tiaras 2017 contestant profile: Josh Ramirez of Flicks



(Editor’s note: “Tantrums and Tiaras: Battle of the Bar Queens 2017” returns on Sunday, Feb. 19 at Observatory North Park. The show is an over-the-top drag competition where representatives from some of the community’s bars with little or no drag experience compete for the crown. The event benefits the programs of The San Diego LGBT Community Center. Leading up to the event, we will profile the six contestants, but you’ll have to buy tickets and go the show to find out their drag name and see them in full make-up! Check out the other contestants we’ve profiled for this year HERE. More information and tickets can be purchased HERE.)

Contestant Name: Josh Ramirez

Age: 32

Bar Representing: Flicks

First time in drag?

*looks around, leans in, whispers* Technically, this will be my third time in drag, lol.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I’m a decorated war veteran (Army), an MVP softball player, Chipotle fanatic, lover of drag queens, notorius side boob flasher, 5’11”, 180 lbs, versatile … oh crap, wrong profile!

What are you most excited about?

EVERYTHING!!!! I love costumes, drag culture, making my friends laugh! But most importantly, having the opportunity to step up and help raise funds for The Center, which does so much for our community. 

What makes you most nervous about competing?

Honestly, it was the thought of tucking and putting on a swimsuit, but I’ve learned how to do a fierce (and possibly) inviting tuck, so the other boys better watch out!

Why are YOU going to win Tantrums & Tiaras?

I’m going to win because I’m awesome and I totally have it going on! I’m so into this and I don’t care how far outside my comfort zone I have to go, I refuse to be mediocre.

Closing thoughts

A huge thank you to everyone for all the love and support! I’m going to do my damndest to make my team, the show’s producers, and everyone in the audience proud!

xoxo – Josh Ramirez

Purchase tickets to Tantrums & Tiaras HERE.

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