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Amazon says ‘no’ to male nudity in horror film, pulls movie



A filmmaker is a little confused as to why Amazon pulled their horror movie from the On-Demand catalog because it contained male nudity.

A reddit subscriber called “littletoyboat” went into the forums and posted that they co-wrote the movie “Other Halves,” about a dating app that messes with people’s minds and causes them to do act out violently against others.  

Based on that storyline, the film contains plenty of sex and violence.

“We liked the idea of playing around with horror movie tropes. Frequently, there’s a hot girl who takes off her top and then gets stabbed,” said the reddit user. “Instead, we have a hot guy (played by Carson Nicely, and yes, that’s his real name) walking around shirtless for most of the movie. Whether or not he gets stabbed is something you’ll have to watch the movie to find out.”

Nicely also had a small part in gay fimmaker Matt Riddlehoover’s “Scenes From a Gay Marriage.” 

In “Other Halves,” the female form is frequently exposed. Although gratuitous, the nude women speak about important plot points. One reviewer said this tactic “sort of made nudity cool again.”

Amazon Prime made the movie available to subscribers for several months before pulling it.

The company told the film makers they had to cut seven seconds from the film’s opening before it could be re-released to the public.

“Why? Because we showed a man’s penis in the opening scene. We also showed a nude woman full-frontal in the same shot, but Amazon didn’t mention her, nor the fact that they were both covered in blood. Shower scene? That’s cool. Scalping? Totally okay. Dick pic? NO WAY.”

Littletoyboat complied with Amazon’s requests and edited the film, but says the company is punishing them, causing reviews and other comments to disappear, pushing the film into further obscurity.

They said, they have no hand in uploading the movie; that is a relationship and action done by the distributor and officials at Amazon.

Having not spoken to Amazon directly, the filmmaker did notice that the company put the horror film behind an “age gate.”

Meaning, if you searched for “Other Halves” on Amazon Video, it wouldn’t show up. There was a tiny line of text reading ‘Excluding adult and mature items,’ followed by a link that read ‘Show all results.’’

This action made the film almost invisible to searchers, “I didn’t even know it was there when I was searching for my own movie.”

The co-writer says people ask about studio films that do show male nudity and why they are still available without the restrictions, but there are no answers.

“…there was nothing sexually explicit about the shots in question, “ they said. “The two characters weren’t even touching each other. They were just lying on their backs.”

One commentor in the reddit forums posted Amazon’s guidelines for acceptable material in films they feature: 

“Offensive Content:

What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect. We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of all content and to accept or reject any videos because they are offensive or otherwise at our discretion. In addition, we do not allow titles containing persistent or graphic sexual or violent acts, gratuitous nudity and/or erotic themes (“adult content”) to be included in the Amazon Prime catalog or made available as a Free with Pre-Roll Ad offer.

Sexually Explicit Content:

Content containing depictions of pornography or explicit depictions of sexual acts or nudity.Content that glorifies illegal sexual acts.Content primarily intended to sexually stimulate.”

You can watch the unedited version of Other Halves on Google PlayVudu, and iTunes.


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