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Scissor Sisters release their first dance single in five years



“Swirl it, Twirl it, Twerk it. Swerve. Work it.”

The Scissor Sisters are back with a new single called “SWERLK,” and as you can tell by the lyrics above it’s as catchy, if not more than their last hit “Let’s Have a Kiki.”

“Let’s Have a Kiki” was released in 2012, but the Sisters, after saying they would be going on an indefinite hiatus, have returned for a good cause.

“SWELRK” is a danceable single that with each purchase the proceeds, will go to The Contigo Fund, a special organization which helps immigrants, people of color, the LGBT and Lantix community empower themselves through education and support.

“Contigo Fund is committed to honoring the lives of those who were taken from us at Pulse -nearly all of which were both LGBTQ and Latinx – by making sure their identities, lived experiences, families, and communities are never forgotten,” says Program Director Marco Antonio Quiroga.

“Through our grantmaking which is fueling recovery efforts and as one community working together, we are creating a sanctuary where all are safe, welcomed and affirmed. Contigo Fund is proud to stand strong with Pulse-affected communities in Orlando in their long journey of healing and empowerment. Support for this work continues to be critical.”

Along with being a highly infectious tune and a charity single, “SWERLK” is also a dance movement.

For now though you will have to make up your own fancy footwork to the song. An instructional video will be released later this month through the GLAAD Facebook page. 

American singer and songwriter MNDR also lends her voice to the track. This collaboration hopes to bring awareness to the violence against LGBT people, but also give them back the sanctuary of the dance floor.

“SWERLK is about celebrating life, dancing, individuality, differences, fierceness, and sometimes SWERLK is even a shoulder to cry on.  The SWERLK is not only a dance floor anthem, but it is a way of life, a mindset, and a show of solidarity,” says MNDR. “The SWERLK doesn’t stop SWERLKING even in the midst of senseless violence.  To SWERLK is to live to the fullest.  So keep on SWERLKING and stay SWERLKY!  SWERLK!”

The release of “SWERLK” coincides with the Pulse tragedy which will have its one-year anniversary on June 12, and The Contigo Fund will use the sale of this unique single to make sure the innocent victims are never forgotten.

“Glad to support such a great cause,” said lead singer Jake Shears of The Scissor Sisters. “Through music hopefully we can help to bring people together and provide support for the LGBT Latinx community in Orlando.” 

Adds Babydaddy the group’s vocalist and keyboardist,“The community that brought Scissor Sisters and MNDR to life experienced an incredible loss that we can’t allow to be forgotten. SWERLK is our way to honour the people and culture that allowed us to escape and be ourselves.”


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