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Italian LGBT officials say “gay” restroom sign was humiliating



Italy has made some strides with LGBT acceptance, they even legalized gay marriage in 2016.

But one bed and breakfast called Le Camporelle di Cavallino in the southern part of that country had some LGBT watch groups wondering about its restroom signage. 

The sign shows gender icons for the women’s and men’s rooms, but to the right there is another picture, a very homophobic one at that, to show where “gays” can use their toilet.

The owner says he is not homophobic, and the sign was out of sight, but someone simply uncovered it to take a photo. 

“No discrimination, the sign is over the doors from the previous management but it has always been covered and we never thought of removing it because we could not see it.” the owner told Repubblica.

Queerty reports that the owner doesn’t explain why the image and words are there in the first place.

The Associazione LeA (Liberamente e Apertamente), an Italian LGBT rights group, says the offensive label is a painful reminder.

 “It is frankly shocking that in 2017 there are still cases of this kind, where there is a great confusion between gender identity and sexual orientation and it is flaunted by communications in such a misleading and homophobic manner in public places, which only humiliates and hurts people.”

The owner says his establishment is very gay-friendly, “we have often hosted homosexual couples with whom we have established beautiful relationships to the point that some have become family friends.”

Repubblica reports that the owner has since taken it down, but he offers no apology, “We were not in the wrong. And anyway, having removed that sign is worth more than a thousand apologies.” 

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