San Diego’s Flicks gets a Long Beach stand-in for FX’s Cunanan crime drama

San Diego’s Hillcrest bar Flicks made a special appearance in FX’s crime drama “Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story,” only it wasn’t really Flicks.

In the series we follow serial killer Andrew Cunanan as he makes his murderous way across the country, leaving bodies in his path, eventually ending up in Miami where he takes the life of the fashion icon named in the title.

San Diego has an unfortunate tie-in to the story as it is Cunanan’s birthplace; National City to be exact.  

San Diego’s Hillcrest community is where he first met Jeffrey Trail a closeted Navy lieutenant serving on the USS Gridley around 1993. Cunanan affectionately called Trail “his brother,” but was also Cunanan’s first victim before he embarked on a murderous rampage which spanned four states. 

In the TV series’ latest episode, we get a re-enactment of their initial meeting at San Diego’s nightclub called Flicks. Only the location used in production is not in America’s Finest City at all, it’s actually 100 miles north.

The stand-in for Flicks is in reality called “The Silver Fox” located in Long Beach, Ca.

Producers were meticulous enough to get Flicks’ signature All-caps logo correct though, right down to the “swoosh” marks which frame its name. 

We contacted Jeff Jackson, owner of Flicks to see if producers ever approached him to “borrow” his logo for the series, 

“They did not reach out,” he says mentioning he first saw the Flicks sign attached to The Siver Fox on TV like everyone else, “I was surprised to see it.”

The iconic Silver Fox has been in business for nearly four decades and was Southern Califonia’s first video bar they claim.

Flicks will celebrate 35 years itself in 2018. 

Of course in the overall picture, and due to the nature of the material, the location of the nightclub is not as important as the story being told. 

However, NBC’s Dateline used the real Flicks for their own in-depth Versace story (pictured bottom left) that aired late last year says Jackson. 

You can watch that Dateline series HERE.

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