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Kim Petras on success: “What the hell has just happened?”



The San Diego Pride Music Festival is loaded with talent this year, every stage filled with the best in the business including the iconic girl group TLC. On Saturday future pop icon Kim Petras will take the stage and she tells us that she can’t wait to explore America’s Finest City for Pride. 

Petras is originally from Germany and made headlines when she transitioned at a young age. She hit the music scene hard releasing many popular songs in her teens. Her first official single “I Don’t Want it All” shot to the top of the Spotify music charts which earned her the moniker “The new princess of pop” by Nasty Gallery.

She’s currently riding the wave of a successful music career with a new single streaming collection, including her latest club anthem “Can’t Do Better,” she will also join Troye Sivan on his “Bloom The Tour.”

I caught up with the singer while she was overseas and asked her a few questions about performing at San Diego Pride, and let’s just say she can’t wait to come visit her fans in the most southern part of the Golden State.  

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: Nice to meet you Kim, are you getting excited to come to San Diego? 

Kim Petras: So excited!

Have you been to San Diego before? 

I have once for a radio interview so I was in and out of there but I’m excited to see more of it this time and see what’s up. 

 What does Pride mean to you? 

To me, Pride is about coming together and celebrating the LGBTQ community and celebrating how far we have come.

 How have you been received around the world? 

I still feel like ‘what the hell has just happened?’ I was in studios in LA for 5 or 6 years every day just writing songs and barely seeing the fun life and then my first single went to the top of the viral chart on Spotify like immediately. I just immediately had people that loved my music and I think it’s such a dream and I got so lucky. I think I’ve been received amazingly and I still can’t believe that I just sold out my first show in London. I get to do all these big Pride shows and go on tour with Troye at the end of this year and it’s not even been a year since I dropped my first single so yeah it’s been incredibly amazing.

 What can San Diegans expect from your performance at Pride? 

I always like to have fun so it’s definitely going to be fun. Maybe I’ll do one or two new songs that are not released yet but I’ll definitely do all of the singles and all the bops which you can expect from me. We’ll just have fun and party.

 What is the most special or personal song that you have written? 

They’re all in their own way special and personal to me but right now Can’t Do Better just came out and that one is about jealousy and having a crush on somebody that doesn’t have a crush on you back. It’s a little more personal than some other songs that are more like escapism and alternate reality-ish. But this one is definitely special to me and it shows my real emotions.

 How do Pride events differ from around the world? 

Of course the acts differ, the foods differ, the clubs differ, but at the core of it I think it’s the same thing. It’s always an amazing energy of people coming together to celebrate themselves. I think every country is connected by stuff like that. Yeah, there’s differences but I think at the core it’s the same thing everywhere.

Catch Kim at the San Diego Pride Music Festival on the main stage, Saturday, July 14 at 6 pm.

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