Gay single mid-lifers are focus of ‘West 40s’ comedy web series

Mark Sam Rosenthal and Brian Sloan have created a new web series about single gay men in New York and you can watch the first episode below. 

The duo say the characters have come to some realizations in the decade since their 30’s 

“In their 30s, they’d meet strangers on the Hell’s Kitchen sidewalk and have sex in less time than it took to climb the four flights up to their apartments,” they write. “But now past 40 they’re all wondering what they want for the long haul – and questioning whether they can still make it up those stairs!”

Dalton Blaine, Dan Domingues, Jeff Hiller, Matthew Montelongo, John-Andrew Morrison, and Rosenthal star in the bite-sized episodes which comically explore aging, changing attractions, dating apps, gay birthdays, drag lingo, clubbing, dating, and the protocols of a lap dance. 


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