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Desmond is Amazing’s mom claps back at people who think he shouldn’t be performing in adult spaces



Wendy Napoles, mother of 11-year-old drag performer known as Desmond is Amazing posted a message on Facebook last Friday defending her son against complaints that he is “being exploited and forced to perform” at gay bars.

Wendy was writing in response to a December article printed in “” an alt-right LGBT publication that uses Milo Yiannopoulos’ particular form of candor as inspiration. 

Dangerous called out the young performer for wearing a “blond wig, makeup, and crop top collecting monetary tips from adult men in the audience, like a stripper, as other half naked adult drag queens, some in panties and fishnet stockings, stood on stage nearby.”

Despite the article’s insistence that Desmond’s performance was anything but appropriate, his mother says she has it all under control and nothing unseemly is going on.

“Hi, it’s mom. I can’t believe I have to type this,” she wrote explaining there has been “kickback from the drag community.” 

“Articles have been coming out claiming that my son danced half naked and stripped in a sleazy gay bar for grown men who threw dollars at him and is being exploited and forced to perform.

“THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN BLATANT HOMOPHOBIA and display of the grossly outdated belief that gay men are pedophiles,” she wrote.

She then emphasizes that Desmond is a professional and doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to.

“He was a ballet dancer for four years and is currently earning an A+ grade in drama at his school. He is extremely talented in his celebrity and character impersonations.” She says his costumes are age appropriate and, “While he dances, he does not move in a sexual manner.”

She says he does collect tips as some drag performers do, but he uses the money to add to his collection of toy trains or buy more costumes. As for the bookings, they are professionally arranged and above board. 

“His engagements are contracted and booked by his management agency,” she writes. “All of his performances are conducted in accordance with the Department of Labor’s regulations for child performers.”

“Desmond is never allowed into the bar area of any club, nor the main floor. He stays backstage with me, in the dressing room, or on stage only. It must be noted, however, that it is not illegal in NYC for a minor to be in an establishment that serves alcohol as long as they are accompanied by an adult.”

Wendy explains on the night in question, her son performed three numbers. “The venue took measures to make sure it would be age appropriate and audience members that attended were respectful and in good conduct.”

Desmond’s mother acknowledges that there are fans and drag queens who may question her son’s presence in an “adult form of entertainment or venue,” but, she points out, “drag is changing and becoming more widespread and popular with people of all ages, genders, identities, races, abilities, and disabilities.”

She suggests that drag performers embrace the younger generation and guide them. 

“Instead of tearing drag kids down, why not mentor them? They are the future of drag,” she wrote.

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