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Desmond is Amazing alleged abuse deemed “unfounded” by CPS



Young drag artist Desmond is Amazing (Desmond Napoles), 11, was the subject of a New York Administration of Children’s Services (ACS) investigation reveals his official page. The pint-sized entertainer and his family were recently under the eye of conservative YouTuber AnnaMae Renee who uploaded a video called “Desmond is in Danger” in January in which she accused his mother Wendy of perpetuating his career for “sick reasons.”

Renee’s damning charge against Wendy is that she is a stage mother who forces her son into LGBT advocacy by making him do drag entertainment purely for her own monetary gain and vicariousness.

The allegations get worse as the video wears on, including personal assertions against his mother by Renee of drug abuse, cavorting with a convicted killer and bad parenting. Renee took her attack on the family even further by admitting in a follow-up video saying she called the ACS on the Napoles’, which subsequently sparked an investigation.

But Desmond fired back at his accuser on Saturday in a series of social media updates. The posts, using Desmond’s name in the third person (and the pronouns “he” and “we”), conveyed that investigators made both announced and unannounced visits to his home and school. The investigation even made its way up to the Governor’s office.

That’s not all. The family was examined by the “NYPD, the Child Advocacy Center, the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Department of Labor, and the District Attorney’s office.”

The post adds: “No abuse or maltreatment was found.” And there were “No violations as a child performer.”

Screenshots of the “Child Abuse and Maltreatment Register” were posted in which they say reports of abuse were “unfounded.”  

“We’ve uploaded our ACS investigation reports for all to see on all our social media accounts,” it says. “Personal, confidential documents that no one should ever have to use as proof against someone’s lies. We were investigated all the way to the Governor’s office. ACS watched all of Desmond’s performance videos, his interviews on The Peeew!, his interview with Bella Noche, went thru every video, every photo. Checked every allegation. They investigated on a near daily basis – announced and unannounced – at all hours. They interviewed Desmond extensively several times separate from his parents.”

Now that the results of the investigation have been disclosed, Desmond’s social media page claims that he has been traumatized by the whole process. 

“Imagine starting a new school as a well known public figure and queer kid,” it says. “Then to have ACS, the NYPD, and other agencies show up to pull you out of class to talk to you several times a week. His grades have gone down.”

They say they were forced to cancel appearances for fear of being attacked by people outside of the LGBT community and that the tween performer has taken the accusations against his family personally. 

“He has cried many a night because he thought he did something wrong and blames himself for the constant hate and investigations. He feels so confused. ACS has provided him therapy.”

In Renee’s second video, she purports that she has done nothing illegal in her exposé, “I formed an opinion from public information and brought attention to it using my First Amendment right. I felt what was being shown to the internet was very wrong and inappropriate. So yes I reported it for the child’s benefit, not mine.”

Both parties claim they have been harassed by readers on either side of the debate. Renee saying people have called her “jealous” and a “hater.”

Desmond’s page says since the video was published Renee’s supporters “have harassed us and DM’d OUR followers for 2 days. AnnaMae Renee uses Desmond as a pawn to get views & support her agenda. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!!”

This isn’t the first time the performer has been under the eye of scrutiny for his art even from his own community. In January of this year, his mother had to defend her son’s performances at adult clubs after a video was released of him dancing on stage and collecting tips. 

“Articles have been coming out claiming that my son danced half naked and stripped in a sleazy gay bar for grown men who threw dollars at him and is being exploited and forced to perform,” she wrote. “THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN BLATANT HOMOPHOBIA and display of the grossly outdated belief that gay men are pedophiles.”

Desmond has fervently claimed his artistic path is self-motivated and in an interview we conducted with him back in 2018 he says it’s something he will always do after we asked what he wants to be when he grows up. 

“I want to be exactly what I am right now. I’ll still be doing drag and being a LGBTQ+ advocate,” he said. 

We reached out to Wendy and she says the idea that she is being accused of Gypsy-esque momaging is ridiculous. 

“I’m definitely not a stage mom,” she said. “My idea of a good time is sitting on my couch, sipping jasmine tea, and reading long boring books about WWII, the Revolutionary War, and economics. My personal goals are to learn as much as possible about the historical subjects I am interested in. I would love to volunteer as a docent one day. It’s ridiculous when people say we have brainwashed Desmond. If I were trying to brainwash him, he would be well versed in the lives of the founding fathers and microeconomics! It’s also silly to say I force him to do drag and perform. At almost 12 years old, it’s impossible to get him to clean his room or do his chores without a lot of groaning. The only thing I force him to do is his homework!”

Renee’s videos can be seen HERE. Desmond’s Facebook fanpage with a response can be found HERE.

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