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The Crown Season 5: What Are The Issues And Lows That The Season Has?



The Crown Season 5 What Are The Issues And Lows That The Season Has

The Crown is one of the best web shows on Netflix. It has recently entered its 5th season. But this latest season of the famous Netflix web shows has a lot of high moments and low moments. It has divided many critics concerning the ultimate impression left.

Given these factors, it is tough to conclude that the season is the most significant hit of the decade. It is filled with the Messy and ugly Reality of the royal family.

The season depicted the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Princess Diana. It has been trying to focus on how Princess Diana struggled to find her space in the family. 

Even her husband did not love her. The season now revolves around how forceful it was to get a new lease on life.

It revolves around how the family tries to suppress demands of Diana concerning getting recognition in the family so that she can also live with respect and dignity.

In light of all of these factors, this season has provided insight into the dark Secrets of the royal family and how they try to ignore them. 

Issues That The Season Has

Season 5 also highlighted the animosity between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The walls of Windsor Castle have been witness to the solos of Princess Diana in the long run.

The Crown Season 5 What Are The Issues And Lows That The Season Has

The Political situation in England has been responsible for causing a problematic situation in the family, and Princess Diana was somehow responsible for all these years.

The Cohesion of the season also revolves around how the royal season has worked only to develop their reputation and not care about anything else.

It was not easy for Princess Diana to survive the autocracy in the family because she was always born to be a free bird. This season has got something that was not there in the previous season.

It has been responsible for bringing ahead the factors the royal family always ignored. All the actors have worked to the best of their capacity. The actors playing the role of William and Harry have also given their best. This is probably the beauty of their season. 

What Are The Lows? 

It is important to mention for the time being that this season has repeated a lot of factors from the previous season. The same dialogue and even the same plot somehow irritates the audience.

The audience would like to be happier with how the plots have been delivered. It has been able to have the same theme in the previous Four Seasons. The beginnings and the fighting have also remained the same. 

This season tries to focus on the Ugly relationship between Princess Diana and the Queen, but somehow the relationship was not able to impress the people at all. The season showed the extreme side of every relationship, and the audience found it hard to believe it was so bad for Princess Diana.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but it seems like the series has been stretched too far to ultimately reveal the truth to the audience. The season has been directed in a very negative tone, and this is the second season that has opted for this tone so far. 


It can be concluded that this is one of the most impressive factors that has kept the audience hooked. The audience is only trying to discover how Princess Diana got separated from her family and created her world. But it is tough for her to believe the reality that she had to face. 

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