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Grammy Award Predictions – Who Will Be Nominated For 2023?



Grammy Awards

So, it is the year-end now, and many of you, as well as the stars, will be waiting with bated breath, for the Grammy Awards 2023. The entire music industry is eagerly waiting for the nominations. For the unversed, the 2023 Grammy Award nominees will be announced on 15th November.

The Grammys can be quite unpredictable, but it is quite exciting for one and all to keep guessing. The Grammy’s will air on But the guessing game makes things all the more exciting. Fans can always catch up on the news Grammy on almost all social media channels as well.

The Unpredictable Awards Show

There are four general category fields – Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Debut Artist of the Year. But who makes it? No one can be sure, as the Grammy’s can be a roller coaster ride. The Grammy Awards is a high-profile award that is hosted by the recording industry’s big honchos.

Moreover, the format has undergone a number of changes. Like, there were some changes regarding the secret nominee review committees, which were eventually removed. Now, academy members can vote for their favorite candidates without any middleman in between.

 Unpredictable Awards Show

Additionally, last year the general category awards nominations were increased from 8-10 slots. Thus, opening the path for many singers, musicians, and albums to be included. All the viewers and fans were surprised by the eventual selection of artists for the final game.

Arooj Aftab happened to be one of the surprise awardees in the Best new Artists categories. But that was not the only surprise. In the same manner, there may be multiple surprises this year as well.

Probable Nominees For The 2023 Grammy Award

In all probability, Harry Styles stands a chance to be nominated in one of the five new categories. Other possible nominees are Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, and Adele. Wait! There are more names on the list.

Lizzo and Steve Lacy are the top performers this year, with hit songs in their kitty. The other new categories happen to be the best-spoken word poetry album, Americana music performance, alternative music performance, and the score soundtrack for video games and miscellaneous media.

It is most likely that Harry Styles will receive nominations in the top three categories, like album of the year, song of the year, and record of the year. Beyonce and Adele are the superstars who look all set to repeat their success, as they did six years back. They are likely to have a tie this time, with hits like 30 and Renaissance.

They also have hit singles under their belt this time. Kendrick Lamar also stands a good chance to be nominated with Kanya West in the best studio album category. Nobody is really sure, but Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti may also receive a nomination in the album of the year category.

There are numerous such unanswered questions that will be answered this day. Fans could actually see some surprise repeat nominations in 2023 as well. Some of the surprise firsts could be BTS, who have always been ignored in the past. Then there is Doja Cat as well, who has given many top songs in the past two years.

Some new artists seem to have emerged out of nowhere, like Gayle, who was hot property on TikTok. Latto, who is the Atlanta rapper, also stands a chance this year. Then there are emerging stars like Jack Harlow, Wet Leg, and PinkPantheress, who may be the big surprises in 2023. Now, that seems to be a lot of speculation. Only time will give out the truth.

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