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Latin Grammys Special Awards: List Of All Nominees And Winners



Latin Grammys Special Awards List Of All Nominees And Winners

November 16 was the date when the Latin Grammy Special Awards were given out. It mainly aims to celebrate artists’ careers from diverse segments and genres. The award may go to any nationality, and there is no limitation as such.

For the unversed, the Latin Grammys Special Awards are presented to performers who have made noticeable contributions in the field of art. In 2022, the Latin Grammys Special Awards have gone to some of the best artists.

More About The Awards and Awardees

Some top artists who managed to get the honor are Rosario Flores from Spain, Rita Lee from Brazil, Myriam Hernández from Chile, Amanda Miguel from Argentina, and Yordano from Venezuela.

Latin Grammys Special Awards List Of All Nominees And Winners

These artists received lifetime awards for their creative contribution to Latin music. However, these are not the only ones who got special awards. There are many more people out there.

The Spanish musician Manolo Díaz, Mexican bassist Abraham Laboriel, and the Cuban jazz player Paquito D’Rivera received the Trustees Awards. So, it is not just the lyricists but the instrumentals as well that garnered accolades.

According to the CEO of the Latin Recording Company, the winners who have been honored with the awards are true contributors to the genre.

The opening ceremony in Las Vegas had everyone eagerly waiting with bated breath for such announcements. According to the CEO, the awards are not based on specific journeys or lyrics. The Latin Grammy Awards celebrate an entire journey.

The scene at the venue was quite ecstatic, with tears and laughter all making up the space. Salsa singer Víctor Manuelle hosted the ceremony, which included other top artists as well. All the special awardees were present at the event except Rita Lee. The special awards night was a prelude for the main awards night to be held on November 17.

The event is supposed to be held at the Michelob Ultra Arena, located at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Moreover, the show is going to be broadcast on HBO Max.

What The Latin Grammy Special Awardees Had To Say?

Amanda Miguel, one of the first awardees, who had just recovered from a personal loss, said she was overwhelmed to receive the award.

According to her, music can return peace to anyone at any time. It is supposedly timeless. She also thanked the Almighty, who made her worthy of receiving all the accolades.

She also thanked her deceased husband, Diego Verdaguer, for all the encouragement in his lifetime.

Myriam Hernández is another one of the awardees who could not stop grinning after receiving the award.

She said with great optimism that her feat would encourage other women from her country too. She wants all the women in her society to get the best recognition ever.

Paquito D’Rivera spoke about his idol, Benny Goodman, onstage. Moreover, he thanked everyone for the award, which meant a lot to him.

He also said he was receiving an award for something he truly loved. Rosario Flores is another one of the awardees in the lifetime awards segment and grew up in a family full of artists. The great man also said that he drew inspiration from his home.

Yordano also expressed a lot of gratitude to the organizers. Furthermore, he revealed how he overcame his stuttering habit as a child. He is quite famous for his love renditions today.

So, the event was as glamorous as possible, with many awardees pouring their hearts out to the audience. All those who missed it can catch up on it on HBO Max. The time is declared, and the viewers must note it down properly to avoid missing any exciting moment.

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