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‘Make Dj Gay Again’: Maren Morris Responds To Candace Cameron Bure’s Homophobic Comments



'Make Dj Gay Again' Maren Morris Responds To Candace Cameron Bure's Homophobic Comments

Maren Morris, the Country Star, has recently posted a few comments on Instagram, taking a jibe at actress Candace Cameron Bure. The latter had probably made some comments on traditional marriages and the LGBTQ community some time back, which led to the backlash.

Matt Bernstein, who happens to be an LGBTQ influencer, released a post on Instagram very recently. In this post, Maren Morris mentioned a comment.

She wrote ‘Make DJ Gay Again,’ which is supposed to be related to Bure’s famous role as DJ Tanner. The two movies where she played the role are Full House and the 2016 Reboot.

The Whole Story

Supposedly Maren Morris is not the only star who is unhappy with Bure’s comments. Jojo Siwa is another star who posted on Instagram regarding the post. She also wrote that Bure’s comments had been extremely hurtful and inconsiderate.

'Make Dj Gay Again' Maren Morris Responds To Candace Cameron Bure's Homophobic Comments

GLAAD president and current CEO Sarah Kate Ellis has also issued a statement, stating the comments as vengeful and in bad taste. The whole story unfolded after Bure was interviewed about her exit from Hallmark and joining the conservative network Great American Family.

She is supposedly starring in Christmas movies and has asked fans to watch them without fail. A fellow reporter asked her if there were any LGBTQ characters in the network, to which she said that the network was concentrating on traditional marriages.

All others have yet to take this statement in good light, though. After the backlash to her comments, she published a statement on Instagram in which she wrote that she had no intention of hurting anyone.

The actress also decided to shift the blame to the media, who supposedly misrepresented her words.

She also said that media companies were trying to create a rift between so-called traditional people and the community through hurtful misrepresentation.

In her statement, she has not apologized but only shifted the blame to other parties. She also said that she loved all the creations of God.

Star’s Statement Not Accepted By The Community

The comments and recent statements released by Bure have not gone down too well with the LGBTQ community.

Singer and songwriter Wrabel also commented on the post, saying that her statement does not show remorse. He also said that Bure should not just say ‘I love you to the community, but her actions should also speak those words.

For the unversed, this is not the first time Maren Morris is taking the LGBTQ community’s side. Recently, Jason Aldean’s wife commented on the community, which she revolted against.

The famous personality teamed up with Cassadee Pope and called her out, following her comments on social media. She called out Brittany, Jason’s wife, as ‘Insurrection Barbie.’ Many also revolted against Morris, addressing her as a fake country singer.

Fox News talking head Tucker Carlson happened to call her a mad person, ‘Lunatic’ to be exact. So, the next time, she came out in public with T-shirts that read ‘lunatic country music person. She also donated $100,000 to GLAAD’s Transgender Media Program.

Some other stars, including Holly Robinson Peete, have also spoken out against the traditional network after having starred in many Hallmark films. She said that Bure’s comments had been hurtful, but that was always expected.

Pete, at 58 years, has said that a network has the right to choose a genre, but why criticize a single community? The ‘traditional marriage’ quote has stung many people in the industry and beyond. Hallmark Channel is good for them as it supports diversity and includes all.

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