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Elton John Says Goodbye To America From Dodger Stadium



Elton John Says Goodbye To America From Dodger Stadium

About John’s lengthy musical career, everything has come full circle. Elton John performed his final performance at Dodger Stadium, much like he did 47 years earlier.

He was the biggest pop star in the world, and he looked great in a sequin-studded baseball uniform. He is staring out at a crowd covered in feather boas, sequins, glitter, and numerous replicas of the “No. 1” uniform, in addition to oversized glasses and other accessories.

Even though current pop icon Elton John may not be able to sing as high as he once could, he still put on a stirring, unforgettable performance to announce his retirement and say his farewells. After decades of sobriety and raising a family, he ascertained that there was no way he could be leaving this world a better man.

Elton John’s Performance Will Be Streamed Live On Disney+

Disney+ broadcast the final concert live to viewers worldwide for the first time. Coincidently, it happened at the same time that parent company Disney Co. shocked Hollywood by announcing that former CEO Bob Iger would take over as CEO after Bob Chopak’s departure.

Elton John Says Goodbye To America From Dodger Stadium

According to reports, the news was announced as famous guests walked down a red carpet before the show. Numerous celebrities, including Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Taron Egerton, Jude Law, Billie Jean King, Donatella Versace, Courtney B. Vance, Miles Teller, Heidi Klum, JoJo Siwa, Neil Patrick Harris, Christopher Lloyd, and others, were in attendance. John repeatedly thanked the audience for their unwavering support throughout his 52-year career.

Elton John’s final performance at the Dodger Stadium attracted large crowds of spectators. The capacity of Dodger Stadium, about 56,000, suggested that many people were there, even though official attendance figures still need to be released.

The Dodgers stadium hosted an estimated 160,000 spectators for three games, with box seat sections ringing the infield and folding chairs on the field. It seems reasonable considering that it is our Legend, Elton John.

Also unavailable right away were streaming numbers. Disney+, however, is reportedly among the most well-liked streaming services.

According to estimates, Elton John’s fans expressed their love for him online, where there are more than 150 million subscribers. Elton’s final performance is now accessible for indefinite on-demand viewing and video broadcast.

Guest Performers Who Adorned The Concert

John did not effortlessly move across the stage, much less leap onto his piano as he did in 1975. This is because he is still recuperating from a hip injury. In September 2021, the tour will now take place after being postponed due to the same injury.

However, he demonstrated with a lengthy riff after “Levon” that his piano-pounding numbers haven’t slowed down. John finished the song and collapsed over the piano in a vague notion of exhaustion, but he immediately got back up to request more applause!

Performers were there to support the departing superstar. Alongside John, Brandi Carlile performed the George Michael song. Carlile maintained a joyous demeanor while holding a gold microphone.

British singer Kiki Dee joined John as well. Nearly 50 years after they first sang the same song together, she performed with John to their beloved duet “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

John made a triumphant comeback to the stage for his encore, wearing a look reminiscent of his iconic, glistening 1975 Dodgers baseball uniform.

The 2022 model had the number “1” on the back and was fully costumed in a silvery shimmer. One aspect of the production that stood out was the fake thunderstorm that spread across the stadium, with roiling clouds, thunder, lightning, and rain effects.

This optical illusion was a cover for a costume change and appeared to be nothing less than magic. The throwback appearance was completed by Bob Mackie’s recreation of the traditional blue baseball cap. In addition, John honored his songwriting collaborator Bernie Taupin by inviting him to the stage for the performance.

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