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Strange World: Biggest Bombs At The Box Office



Strange World Biggest Bombs At The Box Office

Disney, who always won the heart of millions by releasing family-friendly films received a B rating from the audience for the latest film ‘Strange World’ which is the ever-lowest rating obtained for Disney animated films. Besides, the film is one of the biggest bombs at the box office.

The performance of the animated movie was very poor which made it behind the ‘Treasure Planet’ which was the bomb in 2002 even though earned an A rating from the audience. The gross earnings of the movie are quite disappointing which is less than $24 million.

The net budget of the film is $180 million and it seems like the film will lose about $100 million which is an absolute tragedy in the history of Walt Disney films.

Strange World Could Be Disney’s Worst Opening Weekend Bomb

‘Strange World’ was released in over 4700 theaters and Disney made a decision not to release it in Middle East Countries, Malaysia, and Indonesia, as the movie featured an openly gay teen character, Ethan.

Strange World Biggest Bombs At The Box Office

Disney wasn’t ready to remove this part from the movie according to the guidelines of these countries to censor movies with LGBTQ references. Another movie named ‘Light Year’ produced by Walt Disney was exposed to such censors as it conveyed the same-sex kiss. 

The ‘Strange World’ need to earn about $360 million to compensate for the fees spend on global marketing and distribution.

However, ‘Treasure Planet’, which was a 2002 flop is far better when compared with ‘Strange World’ as it earned about $110 million worldwide which made a total budget of $140 million. 

Making a comparison with other Walt Disney movies, ‘Encanto’ grabbed about $96 million in North America only and earned about $256 million worldwide before releasing it by Disney Plus where it gained equally massive applause from the audience.

Even the ‘Lightyear’ which was a box office bomb earned $118 million in America and worldwide it was able to earn $226 million. While considering these movies, the ‘Strange World’ is far lower as it wasn’t able to reach the margin of the estimated earnings.

When considering the pre-pandemic releases, ‘Frozen 2’ earned $123 million, Ralph Breaks the Internet earned $84.6 million, and ‘Coco’ earned $71 million in the opening, which earned more worldwide to compensate for the expense. 

Many point out the main reason behind the failure of the movie be, the portrayal of non-white characters, an interracial couple, and a disabled dog apart from the gay character. Many of the audience were like they skipped the movie due to the gay character which they found wasn’t necessary to bring out the movie.

Another reason for the collapse of the film might be the release of ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ’ and ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ at the same time. Furthermore, Disney didn’t release the film in Disney Plus and didn’t give the film much promotion as they actually do.

The pandemic could also be another main treason that became an obstacle to the success of the movie. During the pandemic, some of the movies were directly released in Disney Plus without running them in theaters.

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As a result, it made people get adapted to the condition to stay home and wait until the movies are released on Disney Plus. this type of streaming service made them comfortable watching the movies along with their families in a homely encircling. 

The Pandemic also lead to a recession globally which made many people cut down their weekend expenses. Many are facing difficulty to meet even the basic necessities as the cost of groceries and accessories are rising. Anyways, the ‘Strange World’ is a complete failure and they are fighting to cope with the loss that occurred.

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