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SNL Names Steve Martin & Martin Short To Co-host, With Austin Butler Hosting The Year’s Final Episode



SNL Names Steve Martin & Martin Short To Co-host, With Austin Butler Hosting The Year's Final Episode.

A great announcement is in store for all the fans of Saturday night live. Yesterday, NBC reported that all those who love this show should be ready to watch the same around 10th December. This would be the most extraordinary episode this year because famous stars like Steve and Martin would be coming to co-host the show along with Selena Gomez.

This will be for the first time that they will be appearing in the capacity of a musical guest. The last time they made a guest appearance was in the year 2020. This is going to be a fun-filled episode. 

Factors That Should Count

Martin has been an integral part of this show and has been responsible for hosting around 15 episodes. He had also made 20 guest appearances on other occasions. At the same time, Short was also a performer in this show in 1980, and after that, he made many notable appearances for entertainment.

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Short and Martin also appeared with Selena Gomez 2 years back when she made her debut performance. Even that event was very successful; that is why all the fans already have got High Hopes that the upcoming season will also be exciting and unique. The list for the forthcoming host has also been released so the audience can choose the one they have to watch.

Why Are They Coming Together? 

Selena Gomez has been in LimeLight for a considerable time now. But recently, many music albums have been released back to back. Most of them have appeared on the US Billboard. She is specifically coming to the show for the sake of promotion.

Short and Martin want to accompany her so that her confidence can be boosted and she can work better. This will be interesting, and people cannot wait for the episode to release.

Selena Gomez would also be promoting her upcoming projects which include not only movies but also other music videos and albums. The audience is actually finding it hard to resist this. 

What Will Make The Episode So Memorable? 

It is essential to mention that the presence of these three amazing stars in the episode will add a lot of drama and humor. All three are excellent hosts and do not leave any stone unturned to impress the audience.

Steve Martin Martin Short and Selena Gomez

All the past episodes they hosted have been equally successful and enjoyed by the audience greatly. They would present all of their past performances and even give an idea about the upcoming projects. This episode would also feature live performances and guest appearances of the most prominent people in this industry. 

These three amazing stars have also appeared in a famous Hollywood movie titled the dead don’t die. This movie left a profound impression on the minds of the people. That is why people have High Hopes for this upcoming episode.

A discussion about the forthcoming Oscar Awards would also be made, and they would be interacting with the media in that respect. This will be an episode that will feature talent and intelligence to a great extent.

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Final Words

The next slot has also been booked, but the name has yet to be released as to who will host. Austin has recently mentioned on his Instagram account that he might make an appearance in December, but the dates have yet to be confirmed. Information concerning only some of this is also available on other notable social media accounts.

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