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Popularity Of Jenna Ortega’s ‘Wednesday’ Dance Explodes On TikTok



Popularity Of Jenna Ortega's 'Wednesday' Dance Explodes On TikTok

TikTok seems to be in the news once again due to its huge popularity. Every day is a new day for all those who are on the app. It also happens to enjoy more than 2.5 billion downloads in recent times.

Sharing content shot through mobile cameras and pc cams has become the new generation’s favorite activity of late. One of the most awaited flicks on Netflix, called Wednesday is up now and running. It has managed to top the charts quite as fast.

Wednesday Addams New Life

The series stars Jenna Ortega, a top Gen Z star, and she happens to be playing the role of Wednesday, the protagonist. But that is not all, as she is in with some more news.

The show explores the happenings in Wednesday Addams’s new life. She happens to have got admitted to the school, Nevermore Academy. For the unversed, Wednesday is a very popular character, from the Addams family. She is one of the teens, who has a sarcastic expression stuck on her, literally.

Popularity Of Jenna Ortega's 'Wednesday' Dance Explodes On TikTok

She also seems sad and gloomy, like other teenagers of her age. However, this is not why, she is topping the media, at the moment. It is basically her dance that has taken over TikTok. It is the new solo dance performance at the school ball, that is grabbing all the eyeballs at present.

Without any second thoughts, it is one of the scary and creepiest dance scenes that has come forth in recent times.

Viewers get to see the black dress clad, Wednesday as usual, performing at the school ball, with some great moves. She dances to the hit, ‘Goo Goo Muck’ which is by The Cramps. Many TikTokers have gotten excited and are trying to emulate the feat that she managed to pull off, with elan.

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Wednesday’s Own Dance Choreography

It seems that it is one of the self-choreographed pieces that has garnered so much attention on the internet. Recently, the cast came to know of the trend that is going viral on the social media platform. She has been quick in stating that she is always so scared of the dance moves of others, that she decided to make her own.

Apparently, another story seems to be doing the rounds. Many TikTok users have found the dance to have similarities with another ‘Wednesday’ dance. It is supposedly from the ‘The Addams Family 1960s’.

The teen star performer is seen attending the ball with her date, Tyler. The clip has already got more than 5 million views on social media platforms and is still going strong. Many TikTokers have been remaking the same, in their own style. When asked about the dance sequence, Jenna Ortega revealed that she took inspiration from Siouxsie Sioux, who is a great punk rock star.

She also watched the dance video, ‘Happy House’ before filming the dance. However, that is not all. She supposedly found more inspiration from other musicians and dancers, including Lisa Loring, Lene Lovich, Denis Lavant, and also Bob Fosse. Gothic-Punk dancing of the 80s seems to be the idea behind the whole song.

As of now, the reactions to her series are mixed. However, everyone seems to be going mad about her dance moves. She has even said on record, that her dance moves will rock the party scene this year’s end and in the early months of 2023 as well.

For the unversed, Wednesday happens to be a very good dancer, with moves that can put any professional to shame. The creepy song is surely the top one right now, with fans from all over the globe recreating their own versions. The costume is also a good addition to the whole aura around the hit.

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